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AP 144 - Microsoft Office Home Use


As part of the provincial licensing agreement with Microsoft, the Division is entitled to offer Microsoft Office software for home use by employees. This is the Office suite with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. and should not be confused with the Windows 7 operating system.

The Home Use Program is administered by Microsoft through a website under their control.

The end user can order software and download for an approximate $11 charge. This allows the end user to load the software onto any one machine within their home. The product key is embedded in the download and provides for a simplified installation by the user.

The user also accepts an End User License Agreement (EULA) stating that she/he has the right to use the product as long as she/he is employed by the Division and that she/he will remove the copy of the software upon leaving employment with the Division. A user can also order a media kit copy (at time of order) for approximate $12, which can be shipped to the location of her/his choice.


The formal request procedure follows these steps:

1.  If you are an employee of Horizon School Division, please send the initial request by email to the IT Administrator.

2.  Indicate your full name, position held within the Division, and your base location. This is mandatory as the the IT Administrator will be tracking requests as well as getting quarterly usage updates from the vendor. The vendor will not field registration requests that do not come from our office. You will be required to register with a valid "****" address. You will not be able to register using any other email addresses.

3.  The IT Administrator will forward your work email address to the provider and they will contact you with details in regards to the installation. (where to register and download, etc.)

4.  This is a limited offering over the rest of this current licensing period.

5.  This offer is one registration / install per eligible staff member.

Reference:  Provincial Licensing Microsoft Agreement
Copyright Act
Copyright Regulations
Sections 9, 85, 87, 109, 175, Education Act

April 3, 2011