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AP 181 - Permission for use of Student Work and Personal Information


Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP) requires that schools obtain informed consent for the collection and use of personal information that is not authorized under The Education Act, 1995. This may include situations within the student’s school, the school division and/or the community.


1.  Education purposes in the school community

The school/school division will occasionally wish to share student information or student work specifically for purposes related to education and the school. The information and purposes for which it would be shared may include the following:

Student’s name, grade level and age, individual photographic or video image, team photo, candid or special event photos for the purposes of school calendar, newsletter, or other school publications, honour roll, yearbook, graduation, academic activities and achievement, school related athletic activities and achievements student work, such as: art work; writing samples; audio, video or photographic presentations; individual commentaries or interviews for the purposes of educational or promotional use display student work in the school or Division office(s) display student work at school sponsored events

2.  Public media including the Internet

There are times when the school may wish to share information with newspapers, radio and television and other media or publish school-related information in a wider form such as on the school or school division website accessible via the Internet.** Examples may include the following types of information sharing:
  • Images of Individual student with or without student’s first and last name
  • Teams or other school groups;
  • School events and activities;
  • Announcement of names, grade level and age;
  • Winners of awards, contests, competitions;
  • Congratulatory messages for graduation, academic or athletic achievement;
  • Student commentary;
  • Media interviews with student upon request to the school/school division.
3.  Class lists

Schools require permission to share student information for distribution with home contact information to classmates, a home room parent group or the School Community Council to assist with organization of school events or the event of an emergency situation (NOTE**Student lists may be distributed electronically and/or in paper copy to a limited circulation list as noted.)

In sharing any information the school and school division will display due diligence with respect to privacy legislation and parental permissions; being mindful to balance the inherent risks associated with posting of information in public or on the Internet, with the interests of students in sharing the pride of their achievements.

**NOTE **Images posted on the web are publicly accessible. Horizon School Division is responsible for the content of the school division website, but is not responsible for what other users may do with images or content posted on the site.

**Special situations may arise during the school year where a separate form may be utilized for parental consent.

AF-300 Student Registration Form
Reference:      Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

August 17, 2011