Group: 100 - General Administration » AP 143 - Stolen or Missing Technology and Equipment

AP 143 - Stolen or Missing Technology and Equipment


It is the responsibility of all Division staff to ensure that Division –owned technology equipment is used and stored in such a way as to discourage potential theft or loss.

If such equipment is missing, the steps in this procedure will guide follow-up action.


1.  All missing or suspected stolen technology items must be reported immediately to the employees’ immediate supervisor.
1.1.  Your local computer technician should be the initial contact and they will help to ensure that a sweep is made of the area for the item;
1.2.  An email should be sent to the Chief Financial Officer as quickly as possible, with a complete report including items missing, when the items were last seen, and whether or not the loss has been reported to the police, etc.;   
1.3.  The Chief Financial Officer will advise of the reporting steps needed in the event that the Division needs to enact a replacement(s) through existing insurance policies; and
1.4.  The IT Administrator should be informed via email that the item has gone missing and/or is suspected of being stolen. This is to ensure that any information that is required can be obtained including pricing for replacements, preparing secondary reports, etc.
2.  The principal will inform school staff that the equipment is missing, and all staff will cooperate in an effort to locate and recover the missing equipment.

Reference: Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, Education Act

April 6, 2011