Group: 100 - General Administration » AP 136 - Disposal of Division Technology Assets

AP 136 - Disposal of Division Technology Assets


Proper care and consideration for data security and the environment must be made when dealing with the disposal of technology assets such as desktop and laptop computers, monitors, printers and other peripherals.

Therefore the following steps are taken when disposing of division technology assets.

  • IMPORTANT  - Alert your local computer technician that you have a surplus of items that need disposal.
  • All hard drives must be removed and subsequent steps taken to erase/ format data be performed by a technology department professional.
  • The item(s) must be disposed of properly in the division’s inventory system by the computer technician for your location or by the technology coordinator for the division.
  • Technology assets owned by the school division must not and cannot be disposed of without following steps 1-3.
  • Only the technology department has the authority to dispose of equipment.  No school or office location is authorized to dispose of any technology items without consulting with a technology department staff member, to ensure the above steps are followed. Once the proper steps have been identified as completed and signed off by the local computer technician, a school may dispose of a technology item only when approved and authorized by the Technology Coordinator.


May 9, 2013