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AP 132 - Help Desk Procedure


Horizon School Division employs the use of an electronic technology helpdesk called Web Help Desk. This system allows for division staff to enter tickets for resolution by the Technology Department. This is a web based system located at


1.  The help desk hours are Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM. No technology staff are available to assist on division statutory holidays.

2.  All staff are asked to use the help desk for every technology concern. This helps open a channel of communication technology department professionals, and allows us to track and retain records of concerns and the resolution times and communications on every item.

3.  If you need to use the help desk these steps should be followed:
3.1  log onto the system using your network credentials and password at
3.2  using a series of drop-down boxes select the category that best represents your concern
3.3  make sure to choose the location where you are reporting the problem as the assignment logic for tickets will ensure your local technician gets the request for help alert  
3.4  click save on the ticket request window
3.5  if you have more than one item to request help with please follow steps 1 to 3 again. This is to   ensure that each item you require assistance is resolved in order
4.  The following items constitute an emergency call to the technology department where you need assistance and cannot wait.
4.1  No Internet available for the entire school.
4.2  All computers in main lab unable to find network.
4.3  School wide network problems involving all computers and users.
4.4  No access for the secretary to the Maplewood system from the office computer.

Reference: Horizon School Division #205 Learning Technology Plan

May 9, 2013