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AP 270 - Home Based Education


Every child has a right to an education and it is Horizon School Division’s commitment to provide an education of the highest possible standard for each student registered in our schools. The Division also recognizes that parents have the right to direct their child's education from their home in accordance with their conscientious beliefs, subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law.

Parents exercising the alternative of home-based education shall adhere to the policies outlined in the Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy Manual. These policies shall serve as procedural guidelines for the administration of home-based education programs in Horizon.
The Assistant Superintendent of Student Services is the official responsible for the registration of home-based education programs within the Division. The Assistant Superintendent may also consult with, or delegate aspects of the home-based education program, such as the monitoring, standardized testing, assessment of special needs students and/or development of a remedial program to other qualified personnel, as deemed appropriate.


1.  Home-Based Education Permanent Records
1.1.  The Assistant Superintendent of Student Services shall maintain a permanent record of each registered home-based education program;
1.2.  The record for each student registered shall include:
1.2.1.  The annual Notification of a Home-based Education Program;
1.2.2.  The Written AF-270 Home Based Education Plan.pdf , including any amendments, for each school year;
1.2.3.  Correspondence with the home-based educator with respect to the registration;
1.2.4.  Monitoring and renewal of the program;
1.2.5.  Annual progress reports;
1.2.6.  Results of any tests or assessments administered by Division personnel and pursuant to Ministry of Education Regulations;
1.2.7.  Documents relating to any difference or conflicts that was dealt with in accordance with the dispute resolution process; and
1.2.8.  Documents relating to any appeals to the Board with respect to the program Home Based Education Programs and Services.
2.  Home Based Education Programs and Services
2.1.  The Division will register home-based education students and monitor their programs;
2.2.  Upon request, the Division will provide annual standardized testing as per the Division's assessment schedules;
2.3.  The Division will provide assessment to students with special needs as per the Division's Student Service assessment practices;
2.4.  Additional services beyond numbers 1-3 above will adhere to the following general principles:
2.4.1.  Any service provided will not impair or restrict the use of facilities or the services of personnel normally provided to students in the Division; and
2.4.2.  Request for services or in the case of students with special needs will be made to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.
2.5.  Home-based educators may apply to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for the provision of the following materials, services, and resources:
2.5.1.  Ministry of Education curricula and foundation documents provided that extra copies are available;
2.5.2.  Loan of textbooks that are in use in the Division by its students, provided that there are extra copies available. (Textbooks will not be purchased by the Division specifically for the use of home-based educators.);
2.5.3.  Access to, and student borrowing privileges at, the closest school library, subject to arrangements with the principal. When using the services of the school the home-based student will be under the supervision of the home-based educator and subject to the behaviour expectations of the school;
2.5.4.  A maximum of one Horizon School Division Distance Education course at the 10, 20, 30 credit level per year, per student is available to home-based education students level and registration will be in accordance with AP 230 - Distance Education; and
2.5.5.  Upon request, the Division will reimburse up to $350.00 annually per home-based student for receipted resource materials and textbooks. The receipts and request for reimbursement are sent to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.  Additional conditions include:  The reimbursement for expenses incurred must be within the school year in which the student is registered for home-based education;  Receipts must accompany the request;  The reimbursement of expenses will be prorated at the rate of $35 per month if the student is registered for only a part of the school year; and  If registration is submitted by the Ministry requested deadline (August 15) home-based educators are qualified to receive an extra $100 incentive per student per year.
2.6.  Upon request to the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, home-based students will have free access to the services of an educational psychologist and a speech and language pathologist under contract to Horizon.
2.7.  Supervision of departmental examinations at no cost.
2.8.  Enrolment in the Division band program will be subject to the following conditions:
2.8.1. The student shall be subject to the expectations of the band program;
2.8.2.  The rental of instruments will be in accordance with AP 222 - Band Operation;
2.8.3.  Transportation to class, rehearsal and to any designated “pickup points” for transportation to performances, shall be responsibility of the home-based educator; and
2.8.4.  Home-based educators are encouraged to become a member of the Band Parents Association in that community;
2.9.  Schools may choose to include home-based education students in extracurricular activities. The final decision is at the discretion of the principal.

Sections 2, 85, 87, 157, 370, Education Act
Saskatchewan Home-Based Education Policy Manual

October 21, 2013
Revised:  October 3, 2019