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AP 241 - Career Counseling


“Career planning is an intentional and lifelong process.” The career development process includes 5 main components:

  • Self-Exploration
  • Connection with the work world
  • Investigation
  • Decision-making
  • Action planning and implementation

As such, Horizon School Division is committed to offering Career Counseling services to its students in the incorporation of career counselors to provide this service to high


1.  Services provided may include the following:

1.1.  Student or counselor initiated individual appointments
1.2.  Individual or group sessions regarding career planning
1.3.  Assist students in high school course registration and graduation requirements
1.4.  Advise students on entrance requirements and provide current information on increasing their chances on being accepted into programs
1.5.  Administer and interpret interest inventories and other assessments

1.6.  Provide information about and/or arrange Career Exploration experiences including Career Fairs, Spend-a-Days, Job Shadowing, etc.

Associated Documents: Career and Work Exploration

1.7.  Provide awareness and brief training on the career resources (Choices Planner and other online or print resources)

1.8.  Provide information and resources on financing post-secondary education (student scholarships search and application, student loan applications)

1.9.  Assist students in making the transition from secondary school to post-secondary education or work (apprenticeship, technical, university, private schools, regional colleges, pre-employment programs)

1.10.  Provide access to unofficial transcripts and awareness of the procedures for transmitting official transcripts for post-secondary schools

1.11.  Meet individual needs including employment and training opportunities for persons with disabilities, visible minorities, aboriginal programming, equity seating, etc.

2.  One of the tools that will assist teachers, administrators, parents and students in career development is an on-line program called Choices Planner. The website is; follow the link to the Choices Planner site. It has four main components that are connected to each other:

  • Self-assessment tools
  • Lists of occupations/careers and detailed description of each
  • Education and training programs for Canada and links to the schools’ websites
  • Portfolio builder keeps track of the individual students’ interests, career choices, education possibilities, resumes, covering letters, etc.

For Further Clarification Contact: Superintendent of Schools

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 191, Education Act

September 7, 2011