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AP 222 - Band Operation


Band programs offer considerable educational value for students. However, there are unique circumstances and history in place that will influence and govern the operations.

The purpose of a School Band program is as follows:

  • To develop music appreciation skills in students;
  • To develop lifetime skills in the playing of one or more musical
  • Instruments; and
  • To provide opportunities for musically oriented extra-curricular
  • Activities.

The purpose of a Central Band program is as follows:

  • To provide an avenue for the development and exhibition of musical skills generally not attainable by school bands due to numbers;
  • To expose advanced band students to a wider range and depth of music and musical instruments;
  • To meet Departmental time requirements for a Fine Arts Credit in Grade 10,
  • 11, or 12; and
  • To provide students with the opportunity to participate in a level appropriate, large, and well-balanced ensemble.


1.  Structure:

1.1.  School Band programs shall exist in schools if they meet the following criteria: sufficient interest to warrant the hiring of personnel;

    • Where there is available personnel;
    • A parent association supporting the school band operations;
    • An available instructional space;
    • Students from schools where there is insufficient interest to warrant on-site operations, shall have access to, and the right to participate in the school band at another center.


1.2.  Central Band programs shall consist of advanced members of the School Bands. Music directors, on the basis of merit, shall select Central Band members. All Grade 7-12 students automatically qualify to participate in Central Band, but students are required to keep up their skill level in order to maintain their position.

1.3.  Transportation for students travelling to another center for Band is the responsibility of parents.

2.  Timetabling

2.1.  Band shall be an optional subject, and shall be treated as such by the school-based administration as they construct their timetables.

2.2.  Due to the itinerant nature of many instructors and the multi-grade nature of Band instruction, it may be necessary to timetable Band as a pull-out program.

2.3.  Central Band practice shall generally be held weekly.

3.  Public Appearances

3.1.  The individual music directors, in consultation with the appropriate band parents association and school administration, shall arrange for such public appearances as may be appropriate for the students’ continuing musical development.

3.2.  Wherever possible, community requests for school band appearances shall be given favourable consideration.

3.3.  Please see Educational Trip Procedure for planning travel.

4.  Music Festivals:

4.1.  The individual music directors, in consultation with the appropriate band parents and school administrations, shall arrange for an individual band member to enter the appropriate category in local music festivals. Where possible and desired, the band(s) as an entity may also be entered.

4.2.  Transportation to music festivals is the responsibility of the Band Parents Association.

5.   Evaluation:

5.1.  Evaluation of band students shall be the responsibility of the individual music directors in consultation with the principal. The music director shall base the student’s band mark upon the established curricular outcomes and criteria.

5.2.  The individual music directors shall provide the school administration of each school with a list of band students and the grades they have achieved at each reporting period.

5.3.  Students enrolled in Band 10, 20 or 30, upon completing the requirements of their program, shall receive a half credit. They shall receive an additional half credit in Band 10, 20, or 30 if they take part in Central Band.

6.  Travel

6.1.  A parent or a school administration-approved adult must accompany any car conveying band students.

6.2.  Parents may authorize their child to drive to Central Band only upon the completion of the AF-561 Driver Authorization for Transportation Form.pdf

6.3.  Under no circumstances should school administration grant individual students permission to drive themselves to band functions.

  • Under no circumstances are students permitted to transport other students.

7.  Out-Of-Division Appearances

7.1.  Band Directors must follow the AP-260 Educational Trips Procedure in planning for out-of-Division.

7.2.  For any out-of-Division bus travel, the respective Band Parents’ Association shall appoint at least one chaperone per ten band students.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 175, Education Act

February 8, 2011