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AP 263 - Funding Extra-Curricular Activities and Special Events


The Division supports the importance of extra-curricular activities and special events in its students’ learning program. Funding provided shall be administered by the Administrator of Student Activities.


1.  Administrator of Student Activities’ Responsibilities

1.1.  The Administrator of Student Activities is responsible for the operation of the student activities budget as determined annually by the Board.
1.2.  The Administrator of Student Activities is also responsible for determining and administering the financial support structure for the regional and provincial playoffs.
2.  Extra-curricular/Special Events Funding
2.1.  Each school shall receive an extra-curricular/special events grant per school, plus a set amount per student to be reviewed annually at budget time. This account shall be administered via the school’s decentralized budget.
2.2.  Subject to pre-authorization by the Area Superintendent, additional funding shall be allotted for:
2.2.1.  Mileage allowances for special events within the Division, such as Career Days;
2.2.2.  Other special situations with the prior approval of the Director (or designate).
2.3.  With reference to the  budget allocated each year, the Administrator of Student Activities, will determine the specific levels of funding to be used by Division schools for approved extra-curricular activities.
2.4.  The Division provides funding for the Horizon School Division Athletic Extra-Curricular Program including:
2.4.1.  Payment of the per student levy for District athletic (HCAA) fees;
2.4.2.  Mileage to attend HCAA meetings;
2.4.3.  Grants to SRCs to attend student leadership conferences;
2.4.4.  Grants to approved and eligible extra-curricular programs in the schools;
2.4.5.  Travel and accommodations (when necessary) at pre-authorized rates for programs/teams earning advancement through a previous competition level to the next competition level (typically District, Regional, and Provincial competition);
2.4.6.  Approved coach/supervisor out-of-pocket expenses;
2.4.7.  Award program for league championships (pennants);
2.4.8.  Initiatives pertaining to improved nutrition and activity practices in the schools;
2.4.9.  Bursaries for hosting provincial competitions; and
2.4.10.  Other expenditures related to student activities at the discretion of the Administrator of Student Activities.
2.5.  The Administrator of Student Activities shall work in conjunction with the Horizon Central District Association (HCAA) and the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) in planning and implementing District and Provincial championships.
2.6.  The Superintendent of Finance (or designate) shall do the financial reporting for the annually budgeted amount. The ASA shall also keep his/her own record of all approved expenditures through the ASA budget. The ASA shall have access to the Finance Departments records of all ASA expenditures.

2.7.  In March of each year, a review process shall occur. At this time discussion as to role, operations and issues shall be discussed and delineated for the upcoming school year.  Any contemplated changes to the procedure shall be communicated well in advance to the Strategic Leadership Team.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 151, 175, 179, 231, Education Act

April 6, 2011