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AP 219 - Career and Work Exploration Credit


The Career and Work Exploration Credit provides an opportunity for students to gather the skills and knowledge needed to successfully transition them into the work force.


1.  In consultation with the Career and Work Experience Teacher / Career Guidance Counselor and the student’s parents or guardians, the student will complete the AF 219.1 - Student Information Form requesting a specific placement or a focus area for placement.
2.  Upon securing the placement, the Career and Work Experience Teacher / Career Guidance Counselor will ensure completion of the AF 219.2 - Work Agreement Form. If all parties are unable to sign the same form, then a second form is used as an adjunct form.
3.  When an employer is engaged for the first time in a placement agreement with the Horizon School Division, the Career and Work Experience Teacher / Career Guidance Counselor will ensure the employer is familiar with completion of the AF 219.3 - Employer Health and Safety Orientation Checklist.. The employer will ensure the outlined areas are covered with the student. The Checklist will remain on file in support of future placements.
4.  Prior to the placement, parents or guardians and the student will sign the AF-219.4 Work-Based Learning Consent and Waiver Form. A student over the age of 18 will provide a signed and witnessed copy of the Agreement.
5.  Employers will be provided with an evaluation form for the student that will be completed at the end of the work term. Employers are encouraged to consult with the student on the evaluation and provide feedback during the term.

6.  During the placement, the student will complete provided log sheets to track activities. For a student who is engaged in a designated trade placement under the supervision of a journeyperson, the student may transfer logged activities to the appropriate Form 6A: Verification of Trade Experience.

7.  (Block Work Experience Term Only – Wakaw, Cudworth, Bruno). If a student participating in a week block work experience placement elects a city stay for the placement term, the parent will complete the AF 219.5 - Work Experience Billet Form.
Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 175, Education Act
Workers’ Compensation Act
Career and Work Exploration Curriculum Guide (10, 20, A30, B30)
A Practical and Applied Art 2002
Workers Compensation Form E-1 and W-1

March 11, 2014