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HCAA Volleyball Officials
 - Volleyball referee-in-chief: Kevin Garinger (Humboldt): [email protected]

 - Information for Volleyball Officials: Saskatchewan Volleyball Association

HCAA Basketball Officials
 - Basketball referee-in-chief: Garth Anderson (Foam Lake): [email protected]
 - Information for Basketball Officials: Saskatchewan Basketball Officials Commission (SBOC)
 - If you want to write the current FIBA exam, email [email protected]
HCAA Soccer Officials
 - Soccer referee-in-chief: Marvin Renneberg (Muenster): [email protected]
 - Information for Soccer Officials: Saskatchewan Soccer Association
HCAA Football Officials
 - No published list; contact referee-in-chief

 - Football referee-in-chief: Brian Grest (Humboldt): [email protected]
 - Information for Football Officials: Football Saskatchewan