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Strategic Plan

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Provincial Education Plan 2023-30

2023-24 is the first year of the new Provincial Education Plan (PEP).

The goals for students are: 

  • I am learning what I need for my future 
  • I feel safe and supported
  • I belong
  • I am valued, and
  • I can be myself.

The four priority actions are framed around the goals and share equal levels of importance:

  • Improve student outcomes through effective assessment practices that guide and strengthen responsive instruction 
  • Enhance opportunities for learners and their families, and support transitions as learners enter and progress through school to graduation and determine a life pathway 
  • Enrich and enhance mental health and well-being capacity in students 
  • Actualize the vision and goals of Inspiring Success: PreK-12 First Nations and Métis Education Policy Framework.
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Horizon Big Rock: Literacy, Numeracy, and Assessment

Horizon Goal: To ensure our students achieve a level of literacy and numeracy consistent with success beyond high school.

By June 2030, 100 per cent of: 

  • Students exiting Kindergarten will be ready for learning in the primary grades, as measured by the Early Years Evaluation (EYE)
  • Grade 1-6 students will be reading at grade level or above, as measured by Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment (F+P)
  • Grade 7-10 students will be reading at grade level or above, as measured by the Ontario Comprehension Assessment (OCA)
  • Grade 4, 7, and 9 students will be at grade level or above in writing, as measured by the provincial holistic rubric
  • Grade 2, 5, and 8 students will be at or above grade-level benchmarks in mathematical numeracy, as measured by the provincial holistic rubric. 

Horizon Priority Actions

Implementation 2023-24  

Enhance the Horizon Assessment Plan

  • Actively participate in provincial committees and support the creation of the new provincial assessment tools
  • Communicate Horizon's assessment plan and tools with schools
  • Provide professional learning to implement tools
  • Establish an Assessment Committee which will revise the Assessment Administrative Procedure and develop a Reporting Administrative Procedure.

Horizon Big Rock: Safe and Caring

Horizon Goal: To ensure a safe and caring learning environment for all students and staff.

  • By 2030, 100 per cent of Horizon School Division students and staff feel safe and cared for, physically and emotionally.

Horizon Priority Actions 

Implementation 2023-24  

Create a shared understanding of mental health and wellness for students, families, parents, teachers, administrators, and others.;

  • Develop common mental health terminology and identify key concepts and processes
  • Explore the possibility of a division mental health and wellness committee
  • Explore possibilities to engage communities around mental health and wellness
  • Use a reflection tool (like a staff survey) to assess plans and progress
  • Use strength-based approaches, seeking to build resilience and reduce stigma around mental health.

Enhance local inter-agency partnerships to support access to mental health support. 

  • Continue to update and share provincial and local resources and partnerships. 

Build the capacity of administrators and teachers to support the mental wellness of students and staff.  

  • Provide professional learning opportunities
  • Professional learning and resources for Trauma Informed Care & Instruction
  • Following Their Voices
  • Leading to Learn.

Actualizing Inspiring Success

  • Professional development for trauma-informed practice
  • Use culturally responsive, holistic supports and resources like language and land-based learning
  • Engage diverse Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and student voices to provide guidance and voice.

Horizon Big Rock: Transitions and Graduation Rates

Horizon Priority: To ensure successful completion of high school and readiness for life beyond the classroom. 

Horizon Goals:  

  • By 2030, 100 per cent of students will be graduating within a three or five-year time frame.

Horizon Priority Actions 

Implementation 2023-24  

Establish family engagement approaches from PreKindergarten to Grade 12.

  • Provide professional development to teachers and administrators to extend knowledge of and strategies for family engagement
  • Develop and implement a benchmark tool and processes to measure family engagement and its effectiveness 
  • Develop a common understanding of terminology
  • Open Aspen/MSS family portal for all parents/caregivers/students to improve communication and improve access to assessment and attendance data.

Enhance inter-agency partnerships to support student transitions. 

  • Continue to cultivate, update, and share provincial and local resources and partnerships. 

Support high school and family teams with establishing pathways toward graduation.  

  • Support schools with graduation plan communication for every student 
  • Support administrators with a systematic credit attainment process that includes intervention strategies and personalized graduation plans
  • Continue to focus on building relationships and mentoring.

Identify and enhance student engagement opportunities.

  • Support administrators with strategies for improving attendance and engagement
  • Support strategies to reach students from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds 
  • Support and encourage innovation. 

Actualizing Inspiring Success

  • Support equitable opportunities and outcomes for Indigenous learners
  • Apply learning from Following Their Voices.