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AP 223 - Dual Credit


Dual credit courses are ministry approved programs that allow high school students to take college or apprenticeship courses and earn high school credits. 

For the purpose of this policy, dual credit will refer to the situation in which credit is issued by the Ministry of Education and another entity that provides educational programming, typically, but not limited to post-secondary institutions.  The entity could be an organization that has a well-defined learning program but is not considered a post-secondary institution (an example would be the Royal Conservatory of Music).

  • In the case where the student takes a university course but only gets the university credit if they pay the tuition, and they choose not to pay, they could still get the secondary level credit even though they have not received the university credit.
  • A student may take courses toward a certification or diploma without completing the diploma but still receive credit for secondary level credit.  
For more information, refer to the Dual Credit Policy of the Ministry of Education.

As per Ministry policy. 

Reference:  Registrar's Handbook
Ministry of Education

August 17, 2017