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AP 215 - Assistive Technology for Students


Many of the Division’s students have learning needs that are not categorized as intensive needs. These students benefit from the use of technology.

The Division will provide such technology subject to the provisions of this procedure.


1.  School staff in collaboration with Student Services professionals or the school’s Coordinator of Student Services may identify that to best meet a particular student’s learning needs, the use of a particular piece of assistive technology will ensure a much greater degree of student learning success.

2.  The Coordinator will assess the needs raised in each school against other needs and the available budget resources.

3.  After the assessment in #2 above, the Coordinator may recommend the purchase of assistive technology. The school team would be required to complete the AF 215 - Assistive Technology Request Form attaching necessary documentation and submit it to the Superintendent of Student Services who will determine such purchases based upon need and budgetary resources.

4.  Should the demand for such technology clearly be greater than the budgetary limits, the Superintendent of Learning will provide the necessary information to the Strategic Leadership Team during budget deliberations.

5.  To support students who have intensive needs who leave the Division to attend school elsewhere or who choose to further their education at a post-secondary institution, the Division will consider allowing the student to utilize the assistive technology that the Division has purchased for them, subject to the following:

For students who attend another elementary or secondary school:

1.1.  The receiving Saskatchewan school division will request in writing that the student be allowed to continue to use the assistive technology that the student has had access to during their school years in Horizon. Such requests will be directed to the Superintendent of Learning.

1.2.  Students with intensive needs who leave Horizon to attend school outside of Saskatchewan will not be able to take the technical aids to their new school.

For students who attend a post-secondary institution:

  • The student with intensive needs and/or his/her parents and teachers may complete an Assistive Technology Request Form requesting that the student be allowed to borrow the assistive technology that the student has had access to during their school years.
  • The student will provide documentation to the Superintendent of Learning that he/she has enrolled and been accepted to study at a recognized post-secondary learning institution.
  • There will be no charge to the student or their family for the use of the assistive technology while the student attends a post-secondary institution. The student will return the assistive technology to the Division upon completion of his/her post-secondary program.
  • The family will be responsible for any necessary repairs should the technology be accidentally damaged.

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March 24, 2011