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AP 240 - Student Counselling


Horizon recognizes the importance of a non-judgmental approach to addressing the unmet mental health needs of our students. Our counsellors work with and support students to help discover their strengths and needs and suggest ways to develop and maintain a positive lifestyle.


1.  Counsellors must always be mindful of what is in the best interest of the student, and govern their counselling activities and reporting obligations accordingly.

2.  All students who receive ongoing counselling support must have a Learning Supports Referral completed on CLEVR in compliance with AP 212 - Access to Professional Support Services with the following qualifications and/or exceptions:

2.1.  All Students in Horizon School Division may choose to see a counsellor once without a referral.

2.2.  Verbal permission (date and time should be documented) from parents will be accepted when it is necessary to expedite the referral.

2.3.  In instances where a student under 13 years of age self-refers for counselling, the counsellor may see that student once without seeking permission from parents.

2.4.  Counsellors require one parental signature in order to initiate ongoing counselling for students under the age of 13, unless the counsellor believes that this consent requirement would be inappropriate or imprudent. In the case when a child custody case is proceeding, both parent/caregiver signatures are required.

2.5.  Students aged 13 and older may seek counselling services on their own behalf and such students have the right to counselling which is confidential from their parents/caregivers, unless:

2.5.1.  Such confidentially is not in the best interest of the student, or would endanger the health or safety of the student or other students;

2.5.2.  Horizon School Division believes that parent engagement is extremely positive and beneficial in supporting a student’s counselling needs.

3.  Completed referral forms are to be uploaded to Clevr. The Supervisor of Student Services will review the referrals on Clevr and will indicate their approval by sending e-mails through Clevr to school principal, student counsellor and learning resource teacher (where appropriate).

4.  In extreme and exceptional circumstances, a student twelve years of age or younger may receive ongoing support of a student counsellor at the request of the building administrator made to the Supervisor of Student Services.

5.  In the event that emergency counselling is required, the school will contact the Supervisor of Student Services. In the event that significant intervention is necessary, the counsellor will contact the Supervisor of Student Services.


Reference:  Section 191, Education Act

May 23, 2012
Revised February 12, 2018