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AP 138 - Request for Main Lab Computers - Maximum Number of Lab Units


Under the current Learning Technology plan, all schools in Horizon School Division main computer lab technology equipment is supplied by the division under the Technology budget. As per this plan, the maximum number of computers in a main lab area is defined as 30 modern, usable, and networked computers. One of the 30 computers mentioned above is assigned for teacher use.

As a result of increased technology/computer class sizes that may result in the need for additional computers, you may wish to present a formal request for more lab computers.


In the event that your school may need more main lab computers based on increased class size, please note the steps below.
  • A formal request for more computers must be made in writing to the IT Administrator.
  • A formal verification of class size must be made by your school superintendent.
  • Further investigation will be made with respect to ensuring adequate electrical and data network needs as well as safe and stable furniture (fixed or unfixed) for the equipment to be placed on. This may be done by your local computer technician in conjunction with the division IT Administrator.
  • Please note that adequate space is needed between student stations for comfort and safety of the individual. Extra costs for furniture, electrical and data wire needs will be borne of the school decentralized budget.
  • This procedure involves procuring approved equipment. Expected timeframe from initial request and approval to order and delivery and final installation can take as much as 6 weeks or longer. Please ensure your request is made well in advance of the date the equipment is needed. Horizon School Division will help to expedite this procedure but cannot guarantee timelines based on a vendor’s product availability and delivery scheduling.
  • As all schools computer lab usages increases and decreases over time, Horizon School Division reserves the right to reassign the extra approved equipment to other division schools in need when the specified timeframe is done. An example of this would be the need for 2 extra lab units for one semester, and then a reassignment if necessary to another school in need for the next semester.

Reference: Horizon School Division #205 Learning Technology Plan.
May 9, 2013