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AP 130 - School Year and School Day


The school year and school day must conform to Provincial legislation and regulations as well as any directives from Minister of Education regarding the number of school days in the year and the number of instructional hours required. Calendars must be submitted to the Ministry of Education annually, on or before May 1.  
The Stakeholders of the school division will be informed and engaged during the development of the Division calendar. 


1. School Year
1.1.  The Director of Education will lead a process whereby stakeholders participate in a consultative process during the calendar development process. 
1.2.  The following stakeholders may be engaged during calendar development:
    • Board of Education
    • School Community Councils
    • Senior Leadership Team
    • Director's Leadership Team
    • Horizon Teachers Association
    • CUPE
    • Horizon Support Staff Association
    • Division Office Staff
    • Bus Drivers
1.3. With receiving directive from the Ministry of Education, and with reference to the required legislation, up to three calendar options may be developed by the Director of Education, using input received from the aforementioned stakeholder groups.

1.4.  Once the calendar options have been drafted the stakeholders above shall be given the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft calendars.

1.5.  The Board of Education will, by motion, set the next years’ calendar before May 1.
2.  School Day
2.1.  School Administrators, in consultation with the Director of Education, shall set the prescribed number of instructional minutes per day. The instructional minutes per day must achieve a minimum of 950 hours, as mandated by the Ministry of Education.
2.2.  Kindergarten operations in Horizon School Division will comply with legislation and will be scheduled in accordance with the school year calendar approved by the Board of Education with half of the number of instructional hours for students in Grades 1-12.
2.3.  Kindergarten students shall begin school on the same day as all other students and will be time tabled through to the end of June.  Any exceptions to this shall require prior approval of the Director (or designate).
2.4.  The recommended number of hours of instruction for Pre-K, from the Ministry of Education, is 12 hours per week. The Pre-K calendar will coincide with the Kindergarten calendar, with the provision of 15 half days set aside for home visits or home contact. 
2.5.  The principal will submit the Pre-K plan to the Director (or designate) by the first admin day in August. 
2.6.  Staggered entry is acceptable in situations where there are exceptional circumstances upon submission by the principal to the Director (or designate).

Reference: Sections 87, 109, 163, 164, 165, 167, Education Act

February 26, 2013
Revised June 2, 2017