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AP 120 - Review and Dissemination of Policy and Procedures


The Director has been given the responsibility for implementing and maintaining Horizon School Division’s Board Policy Handbook and Administrative Procedures Manual. It is the responsibility of the Director to develop and keep current an Administrative Procedures Manual and develop and maintain consultative processes for the establishment and review of such procedures.
1.  The Director will ensure that up to date versions of the Board Policy Handbook and the Administrative Procedures Manual are available on the Division web site.
2.  When updates to the Board Policy Handbook and Administrative Procedures are made, the Director will ensure that Horizon School Division Senior Leadership and Director’s Leadership Team members are advised in a timely manner. These individuals are responsible to advise the appropriate education stakeholders.
3.  Senior Leadership and Director’s Leadership Team members shall convey to staff, policy and administrative procedure changes.
4.  Any changes made to the Administrative Procedure Manual shall be included in staff meeting agendas.
5.  The Director will inform the Board of any new or substantive changes to administrative procedures.

Procedure Review

1.  A review of administrative procedures will be carried out through the Office of the Director on an annual basis.
1.1.  The annual review of the Administrative Procedures Manual may include a request for input from teachers, support staff, administrators, School Community Councils and Central Office personnel, when practicable.
1.2.  Review of a specific administrative procedure may be initiated at any time by a formal request from the Board, a School Community Council, a school administrator, or a Horizon School Division employee. The request for such a review shall detail the issues and concerns associated with the administrative procedure and is to offer suggestions for revision.
1.3.  The Director shall determine an appropriate process for reviewing a specific administrative procedure when a request to do so is received.
1.4.  Any changes arising from the review of an administrative procedure will be updated expeditiously. Changes made to the Administrative Procedures Manual will be updated on the Division website a timely fashion.
2.  Procedure Development
2.1.  Stakeholders who suggest the initiation of Administrative Procedure development will:
2.1.1.  Contact a leadership member of their employee group, who will then contact the Director of Education;
2.1.2.  Once a request is received by the Director, the Director will have the appropriate member of the Senior Leadership Team contact the stakeholder to determine the best course of action regarding their idea or concern. This may include the drafting of a new procedure.
2.1.3.  Once approved by the Director of Education, the new or revised procedure will be added to the Administrative Procedures Manual and placed on the division website.

Reference: Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 175 Education Act

April 16, 2013
Revised October 13, 2017