Group: 100 - General Administration » AP 135 - Abuse and Vandalism of Technology Assets

AP 135 - Abuse and Vandalism of Technology Assets


Horizon School Division has made extensive investments in purchasing and maintaining technology assets within the division. For this reason, abuse and vandalism of technology assets will not be tolerated at any level.


1. It is the responsibility of the Principal and staff to ensure abuse and vandalism of technology assets does not occur.  If apparent abuse or vandalism of technology assets occur, the following steps should be taken.
1.1 Consult your local computer technician who will help assist in determining the extent of the damage. The computer technicians have been asked to report acts of malicious abuse and vandalism of technology equipment to the school administrator.
1.2 Damage must be reported either directly to the division Technology Coordinator via email or by placing a ticket in Web Help Desk located at
1.3 An assessment of costs for repairs will be made and provided to the school administrator.
1.4 Costs of repairs will be borne of the school decentralized budgets.
1.5 A follow up may be made by the Technology Coordinator to ascertain whether the concerns are still present. This may be completed with the local computer technician for the school and or direct to the school administrator.
Examples of abuse and vandalism are but not limited to – removal of keys from keyboards, broken mice, scratched monitors, removal of asset tag stickers, removal of Windows license sticker, inserting foreign objects into computers, removal of drive belts from optical drive bays.

May 9, 2013