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AP 145 - CFS (Computers For Schools) Technology Equipment


Computers for Schools (commonly referred to as CFS), is a non-profit organization that refurbishes used provincial government branch computers and technology equipment for usage in provincial schools.

In most cases, computers from CFS will be obtained and used to replace existing equipment that has failed.  It is meant as an interim measure until the next refresh of computers takes place, and is not intended to increase the number of computers in a school.

Any technology equipment from an organization such as CFS requires preparation and planning. Subsequently, Horizon School Division recognizes there is a cost of ownership attached to all donated equipment from CFS in the form of setup and delivery, installation and configuration, ongoing technical support needed by Division staff, possibly extended costs in software and licensing, and proper removal and disposal at the end of the equipment’s usable lifespan.


1.  All CFS equipment procured must be done through the Technology Department.  All equipment must meet the “minimum hardware specifications” in place for the Division.  To ensure consistency, the following steps must be adhered to when requesting CFS equipment:  
1.1.  All requests for consideration of CFS equipment must be submitted in writing to the IT Administrator.  Requests must include details as to the number of units the school is requesting and the type of equipment requested. (desktop computer, laptop computer, etc.) Your written request must also include a detailed explanation as to why the equipment is needed. Along with this, please identify the room(s) that the equipment is to be placed in the school.
1.2.  Further investigation will be made if needed by the Computer Technician assigned to your school to ensure that the area(s) identified for placement of the equipment from CFS has adequate electrical and data wiring. In the case the identified areas need extra items in this category; this will be noted and added to your request. These items could present an extended cost to your school.
1.3.  Through consultation with the appropriate Learning Superintendent(s), the CFO, and the IT Administrator, a decision will be made.
1.4.  If your request is approved, the Division’s IT Administrator will facilitate the process of contacting CFS. As CFS deals with all school Divisions in the province, your request may be placed in a queue, and could take time to fulfill the request.
1.5.  Horizon School Division’s technology department will make all of the arrangements for pickup, installation and configuration pursuant to scheduling and availability.
1.6.  The IT Administrator is the authorized individual from Horizon School Division to make contact with CFS.  Individual teachers or Principals are not authorized to approach Computers For Schools on their own or on their school’s behalf

Reference:   Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, Education Act

April 16, 2012