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AP 134 - Division Assigned Technology Equipment


Under Horizon School Division Learning Technology Plan, the following areas are supplied with computers and technology equipment purchased under the Technology Budget.
  • Principal Laptop
  • Secretary Desktop
  • Librarian Desktop
  • Main Lab Computers (max of 30 including teacher station)
  • Main computer lab printer, and projector (printer toner and projector bulbs are a decentralized cost)
  • File Server
  • Wireless switching equipment and access points
  • Wired network switching equipment
  • Network infrastructure consisting of data wiring and terminated network jacks
  • To ensure consistent equipment in these areas, the equipment assigned to the principal, secretary and librarian from Horizon School Division’s technology budget will be assigned to the respective position and must not be reassigned at the school level for alternate purposes.
  • Main lab computers are assigned to the lab area and should not be removed from the lab area and used in secondary areas of schools, unless there is an exceptional circumstance that would result in better meeting the needs of students.  When the main lab is replaced, the existing computers will be moved to secondary locations within the school; those secondary locations are determined based on existing electrical and network wiring.
  • Principal laptops are to be returned to head office for reassignment when replaced by newer models under the Learning Technology Plan.
  • Secretary and Librarian units can be moved to secondary areas within your schools after newer models have been installed under the Learning Technology Plan.
  • Network infrastructure equipment and file servers follow replacement under the Learning Technology Plan.

Reference: Horizon School Division #205 Learning Technology Plan

May 9, 2013