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AP 147 - Social Media and Web-Based Services


This administrative procedure is designed to provide all Horizon School Division employees with guidelines regarding the appropriate use of outlets such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, blogs, wikis, podcasts, free website hosting services, etc. This procedure is in place for the protection of privacy, confidentiality and interests of all employees and students of Horizon School Division. Employees are ambassadors for the Division and will conduct themselves online in an ethical, professional and positive manner.


1.  School/Classroom Use:
1.1.  Social media and web based services can be a very effective and powerful communication tools that may be used for communications, education and information sharing purposes. As an extension to the standard classroom environment, the use and application of a social media or web based site must be part of an instruction plan.
1.2.  Social media and web based sites developed for the purposes of teaching or communications within Horizon school communities will be deemed as property of Horizon School Division. If you are planning to use a social media or web based site as a teaching or communication tool please register your site below.
1.3.  Site Registration Criteria
1.3.1.  Public outfacing sites used for communication purposes must be registered
1.3.2.  Sites developed for teaching or classroom purposes must be registered
1.3.3.  Secondary sites or online tools used in the development or construction of any of the above teaching or communication sites do not need to be registered
1.3.4.  Teacher websites developed through First Class do not need to be registered
1.3.5.  Please contact the Communication Services Officer for more information on registering your site

The following are Horizon School Division Social Media and web based services guidelines. The potential absence or lack of explicit reference to a specific site or service does not limit the extent of the application of these guidelines. Where no specific guideline exists, employees are to use their professional judgment and take the most prudent and ethical actions possible.

1.  Use of social media or web based sites for the purpose of education or communications will be permitted in Horizon schools. Personal use of these services during regular working hours is not permitted.  
2.  When using a social media or web based site with students, a discussion of online safety, digital citizenship and digital footprint awareness should be included as part of the class.   
3.  Appropriate privacy settings must be in place to ensure the privacy and protection of those who subscribe or contribute to the content.  
4.  Respecting copyrights. Do not post text, images or video created by someone else without proper attribution and/or authorization.  
5.  Publically sharing confidential or personal information about students, staff, grades, or any other information that has not been publicly released by the school or Horizon School Division is strictly prohibited.
6.  Ensure professionalism at all times. Be aware that your online presence is a reflection of your school and Division. Be respectful of other communities, schools, employees, students, parents and Trustees.
7.  Schools and teachers are expected to comply with the terms of use of the host social media or web based site they are using in the school or classroom.
8.  The use of any collected student, staff or parent information (user name, password, email address, etc.) is considered personal and private information under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information is to be kept in strict confidentiality and is not to be shared with others unless permission has been granted by the staff member, parent, guardian, or student.
9.  In accordance with Horizon procedure AP-358 Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Bullying, all instances of perceived online harassment or cyber-bullying by students, staff, parents or community members on any social media or web based site must be brought to the attention of Administrators or the Director of Education immediately.
10.  School Division logos may not be used without expressed consent and must adhere to the Horizon School Division Brand Standards Guide.  
11.  Teachers are encouraged to follow the guidelines developed by the Canadian Teachers Federation entitled “Cybertips for Teachers” (2011).  This document is available online: Cybertips for Teachers - Saskatchewan Teachers Federation

Upon leaving employment of Horizon School Division for any reason, the user name and passwords to access the site(s) developed for teaching purposes while employed with Horizon School Division must be provided to your successor or administrator prior to departure. Personal and personal PD sites are exempt from this section.

Reference:  Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Cybertips for  Teachers - Saskatchewan Teachers Federation  
April 16, 2013
Revised June 2, 2017