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AP 133 - Technology Inventory Procedure


Horizon School Division maintains an inventory database that encompasses all technology related assets in division schools and offices. These items are marked with an Asset Tag sticker where possible to identify the item is part of the overall inventory. Items without a sticker are generally included with variables such as serial number, make and model. Examples of assets would be desktop and laptop computers, monitors, printers, projectors, SMART boards, servers, wireless equipment, network switches.

  • It is important that all items received at a school location that are “new” and “not inventoried” be reported to your local computer technician for inclusion into the inventory. This would mainly include items purchased by school decentralized budgets and delivered directly to the school such as SMARTboards and projectors.
  • All other purchases are mandated to follow the AP-141 “Technology Hardware Purchases” procedure.
  • Items that are donated must first be approved for use by the division’s Technology Coordinator and follow the guidelines in the AP-137 “Donation of Technology Hardware and Software” procedure.
  • Items purchased through the Technology Coordinator will be received at head office first and will be inventoried prior to the school receiving the item.
  • The assets in the schools and office are entered by site and location. Please limit the equipment moves inside the building without alerting your computer technician of the move.
  • At no time is the disposal of technology assets allowed without consulting with your computer technician or the Technology Coordinator. If you need to dispose of a technology asset, please refer to the “Disposal of Division Assets” procedure.

May 9, 2013