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AP 155 - Event Protocol


The Director will develop and maintain positive communications internal and external to the Division. Proper protocol is to be followed for events organized by the Board or its schools.


1.  Division and school events will begin with a Land Acknowledgement.
1.1.  "We begin by acknowledging that we are currently on Treaty 6 (or Treaty 4, depending on facility location) territory, and the boundaries of Horizon School Division extend to Treaty 4 ( or Treaty 6, depending on facility location) territory.

We give thanks to the Cree, Dene, Saulteaux, and Métis peoples for the ability to learn, live, and work on their traditional lands.

Lastly, we pay our respects to the Elders, both past and present, who have stewarded this land throughout generations."
2.  Order of introductions:
2.1.  Members of the Senate representing Saskatchewan;
2.2.  Members of Parliament – Cabinet Ministers first;
2.3.  Members of the Legislative Assembly – Cabinet Ministers first;
2.4.  Board Chair;
2.5.  Other trustees;
2.6.  Mayor; Other civic councillors
2.7.  Elders and Hutterian Brethren;
2.8.  Senior bureaucrats and heads of other organizations;
2.9.  Prominent community members.
3.  Contact is to be made with the Communications Department from the appropriate level of government who may provide details and assist with planning protocol.
4.  When organizing an event within the Division the Chair of the Board and the subdivision trustee will be invited and the introductions will take place in the following order:
4.1.  Board Chair;
4.2.  Vice Chair;
4.3.  Trustees in attendance;
4.4.  Director;
4.5.  Deputy Director and Superintendent(s);
4.6.  Principal and Vice-Principal.
5.  When organizing the list of speakers, dignitaries speak in the order prescribed for introductions in procedure 2 above.

6.  Seating is to be arranged so that the most senior dignitary is closest to the podium at all times.

7.  The Director is to be contacted if a speaker is requested from the Board or Division level.

8.  The Board or schools may be included in royal visits (Canada's Governor-General and/or Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor); visits by the Prime Minister or Premier, senior cabinet ministers, ambassadors, or other prominent dignitaries.
8.1.  The Formal Protocol of either the Government of Canada or the Province of Saskatchewan takes precedent.
8.2.  Information on proper protocol in these special circumstances can be obtained from the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan protocol websites.
8.3.  The Director is to be contacted in the event of a Dignitary visit to a school.
9.  When trustees are in attendance at a school event they are to be introduced and where possible a connection between their role and the event at hand is to be made.

10.  Schools are to provide a respectful, hospitable welcome to all guests.

References:     Education Act: Sections 85, 87, 109

Date April 16, 2013
Revised June 11, 2021