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AP 168 - Hold and Secure

Horizon School Division believes that Hold and Secure is a practical aspect of operations when ensuring the safety of students and staff.  Protective measures are applied in school buildings in circumstances where events occurring in close proximity to the school result in threats or security concerns to school occupants.  
Principals shall ensure:  
1. A detailed hold and secure plan is developed each year prior to school start-up.  
2. The plan is developed in consultation with local RCMP and in alignment with Horizon School Division’s School Safety Plan.  
3. Engagement of daycare staff, shared/multi-use groups and other daytime school user groups in the development of the Hold and Secure Plan.   
4. The Hold and Secure Plan includes a protocol for access to and exit from the school. All doors shall be locked and all access shall be controlled at the main entrance.  
4.1. Students and staff outside the building shall be required to immediately enter the building.  
5. All staff receive instruction on the Hold and Secure plan.  
6. When students and/or staff are at another facility within the town (e.g. rink, pool), that facility shall also go into Hold and Secure. Every reasonable effort will be made to make contact with staff and students who are off-campus.  
7. When announcing a Hold and Secure, an all-call is made indicating that the school is in Hold and Secure.  
Reference:  School Safety Plan
June 2, 2017