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AP 112 - School Community Council Accounts

School Community Council accounts must comply with The Public Sector Accounting Principles.  These accounts are administered by the CFO.

1.  Each School Community Council has its own account.

2.  At each SCC meeting the principal will provide a financial report which outlines the original allocation, the description of any revenues received, the expenditures made, and the resulting balance that exists at that particular time.

3.  The School Community Council’s responsibility is to approve the expenditure through a motion in the minutes, attach an AF 112 - Authorization For Expenditure Form.pdf to the invoice requesting payment, and submit it to the Division office. On rare occasions when immediate payment is required, the school petty cash account may be accessed with the principal’s approval.

4.  The School Community Council grant allocations will be considered a carry-over budget item, thus meaning any amounts not expended during that particular fiscal year will be carried into the next and the new allocation added to that carry-over.

Reference:      Sections 108, 109, 110, 140.1, 140.2, 140.3, 140.4, 140.5, Education Act
March 23, 2011