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AP 435 - Transferring, Lifting and Repositioning


Horizon School Division is committed to providing all students and staff members with a safe and accessible educational environment. This procedure is designed to manage and eliminate risks for students and staff in regards to transferring, lifting and repositioning.


1.  Principals are to contact the Supervisor of Student Services when:
1.1.  A new student is enrolled in the school who may require assistance with transfers, lifts or repositions,
1.2.  A current student’s medical or cognitive status changes, affecting their transfer, lift or reposition, and;
1.3.  A staff member has concerns regarding their own or the student’s safety during a transfer, lift or reposition.
2.  Only properly trained staff member may use a mechanical lift for any student requiring assistance at any time.

3.  Students may need to be lifted manually in urgent situations (i.e. Emergency evacuations or breakdown of equipment).

4.  Maintenance and storage of equipment must follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

References: The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996
Saskatchewan Ministry of Education: Actualizing a Needs Based Model (2015)

October 13, 2017