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AP 444 - Time Cards - Support Staff


Accurate payment of staff depends upon the timely provision of information using Division forms.


1.  Time cards for the current school year must be completed monthly.

2.  When completing time cards:
2.1.  Please include hours paid for statutory holidays.  For example, if you are a full-time employee working 8 hours per day you would include 8 hours for the stat.  If you are a part-time employee working 50% you would record 4 hours for the stat (full-time hours for a position X FTE).
2.2.  When you are absent please include the number of hours and the reason for the absence.
2.3.  When your CUPE Agreement or Personnel Agreement provides pay for days that you are absent, for example, sick leave, compassionate leave, family medical, etc. please include these hours as time paid as well as time absent.
2.4.  Time cards are done in Excel, so if you wish to do them on the computer the hours will total automatically.  You will still need to submit a paper copy as the principal’s signature is required.
2.5.  Time cards are to be forwarded to the school secretary on the last working day of the month. The secretary will have the time cards signed by the principal and forwarded to the Payroll Department located in the Humboldt office.
2.6.  Time cards must be totaled.
2.7.  When you have two different job assignments you must complete two different time cards.
2.8.  Please remember to sign your time cards before you hand it into the school secretary.
2.9.  If you have questions please call the Payroll Department located in the Humboldt Service Centre

Reference:  Collective Agreements

September 1, 2011