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AP 440 - Inclement Weather Travel


Inclement winter weather conditions may make it difficult for employees to travel safely to work. The Director of Education (or designate) will use the following procedures when making decisions regarding employee travel during severe weather. It should be noted that during inclement weather, individual bus routes may not run, but unless notified to the contrary, schools will remain open and employees are expected to report to work.


1. An employee may have access to one Inclement Weather Day per year. 

2. For subsequent Inclement Weather Days, employees will be able to access available Personal Days, Vacation Days, or Earned Days Off (EDOs). 

3. During an Inclement Weather Day the Director of Education (or designate) may authorize a school to move from in-person learning to Learning From Home.

4. An employee may use the following criteria to determine if they are able to access an Inclement Weather Leave:
4.1. Severely drifted or extremely icy road conditions;
4.2. Extreme temperatures; and
4.3. Limited visibility because of fog, snow, or blowing snow.
5. For Itinerant Staff when road travel is deemed unsafe, the employee shall confirm their place of work with their direct supervisor.

6. For an employee to have access to an Inclement Weather Leave, the employee must be prepared to work on that day.
6.1. If an employee has chosen to travel out of the division for personal matters and adverse weather develops preventing them from going to work in the division, they must take either a Personal Day, Vacation Day, or an Earned Day Off (EDO).
6.2. If an employee has previously been granted Personal Leave, Medical Leave, or another leave and extreme weather occurs, the leave will be used as requested and cannot be changed.

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