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AP 478 - Communications Officer

Directly Reports to: Director of Education/CEO
Responsibilities and Duties:
The Communications Officer shall perform such roles and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not limited to the following:
1. Student Well-Being
Role Expectations:
RE 1.1 Provides support to ensure the safety and welfare of students.
RE 1.2 Provides timely VTRA and TERT communications.

Quality Indicators relative to student well-being:
QI 1.1 Supports safe and caring learning environments by enhancing inclusivity for students through digital media.
QI 1.2 Ensures VTRA and TERT communications are completed and approved by the Director of Education.
2. Educational Leadership
Role Expectations:
RE 2.1 Participates in and promotes Division activities, including those at the school level.
RE 2.2 Promotes and oversees the Student Reporter program.
Quality Indicators relative to educational leadership:
QI 2.1 Provides support to division and school staff for special events.
QI 2.2 Amplifies and recognizes student and staff achievements through digital media.
3. Fiscal Responsibility
Role Expectations:
RE 3.1 Operates in a fiscally responsible manner in areas of assigned responsibility.
RE 3.2 Monitors the area of Communications and makes recommendations to the Director of Education regarding continuous improvements for effectiveness and efficiency.
Quality Indicators relative to fiscal responsibility:
QI 3.1 Monitors and reviews expenditures to ensure value for money in assigned areas of responsibility.
4. Personnel Management
Role Expectations:
RE 4.1 Provides training and oversight to website users and mass messaging systems.
RE 4.2 Monitors digital media outlets to ensure that content reflects Division values.
Quality Indicators relative to personnel management:
QI 4.1 Schedules and facilitates training for website and mass messaging system users.
5. Board Policy and Administrative Procedures
Role Expectations:
RE 5.1 Makes recommendations within areas of assigned responsibility, to the Director of Education/CEO, to ensure relevant Administrative Procedures are kept current and are in compliance as they relate to the Role of the Director.
RE 5.2 Ensures Administrative Procedures are kept current and are in compliance with the intent of Board Policy within assigned areas of responsibility.
Quality Indicators relative to Board Policy and Administrative Procedures:
QI 5.1 Recommendations of required revisions are made to the Director of
Education/CEO in a timely manner with due regard for legislation, contracts, and Board Policy within areas of responsibility.
QI 5.2 Ensures compliance with Administrative Procedures as required in the performance of duties.
6. Communications Officer/Director of Education/CEO Relations
Role Expectations:
RE 6.1 Establishes and maintains positive professional working relations with the Director of Education/CEO.
RE 6.2 Honours and facilitates the implementation of the Director of Education/CEO’s roles and responsibilities as defined in Board Policy within areas of responsibility.
RE 6.3 Provides information required by the Director of Education/CEO to perform their role.
Quality Indicators relative to Communications Officer/Director of Education/CEO relations:
QI 6.1 Submissions to meeting agendas are made in a timely and comprehensive manner, and in accordance with the prescribed format. Such submissions shall contain balanced, sufficient, concise information and, where appropriate, contains clear recommendations.
QI 6.2 Ensures the Director of Education is informed about Division operations within areas of responsibility.
QI 6.3 Interacts with the Director of Education/CEO in an open, honest, proactive, and professional manner.
QI 6.4 Implements the Director of Education’s direction with integrity and timeliness, in order for the Director of Education to perform their duties in an exemplary fashion.
7. Strategic Planning
Role Expectations:
RE 7.1 Supports the strategic planning process including the annual reporting of results.
RE 7.2 Implements plans as approved.
Quality Indicators relative to strategic planning and reporting:
QI 7.1 Provides support for the achievement of the key results identified in the Division and provincial plans.
QI 7.2 Provides systemic communication of the Division’s goals and foundational statements.
8. Organizational Management
Role Expectations:
RE 8.1 Ensures compliance with all Ministry of Education mandates and legislative and contractual requirements.
RE 8.2 Leads the annual reporting process for Horizon School Division.
RE 8.3 Develops publications, briefs, and reports for the Division.
RE 8.4 Identifies strategic and technological improvements to internal and external Division communications.
Quality Indicators relative to organizational management:
QI 8.1 Acts in accordance with Board Policy, Administrative Procedures and contractual requirements.
QI 8.2 Ensures completion, submission, and publication of Horizon School Division’s Annual Report.
QI 8.3 Conducts research both within and outside the school division to gather appropriate, valid, and reliable information regarding student achievement, school division functioning and accomplishment of Board goals.
QI 8.4 Designs, administers, and prepares survey reports to provide on behalf of Director to the Board and senior administration with accurate, reliable and valid information regarding the achievement of Board goals and initiatives.
QI 8.5 Performs duties in accordance with the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (LAFOIP) Act.
QI 8.6 Ensures Horizon’s brand standards are adhered to.
9. Communications and Community Relations
Role Expectations:
RE 9.1 Develops and maintains positive external and internal communications in accordance with Division strategy and expectations.
RE 9.2 Develops the Division’s communications strategy, including media releases, speeches, and media conferences.
Quality Indicators relative to communications and community relations:
QI 9.1 Represents the Division in a positive, professional manner.
QI 9.2 Manages conflict effectively.
QI 9.3 Serves as contact for media personnel.
QI 9.4 Ensures information regarding Board initiatives and priorities are disseminated to inform the electorate as required by the Director.
QI 9.5 Assists with development and delivery of workshops on effective communications, media, and public relations for School Community Council and senior administration.
QI 9.6 Maintains and develops the Division website.
QI 9.7 Coordinates the Division’s social media.
10. Leadership Practices
Role Expectations:
RE 10.1 Practices leadership in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom they work most directly in carrying out assigned duties.
Quality Indicators relative to leadership practices:
QI 10.1 Provides guidance and clear direction.
QI 10.2 Provides effective service and leadership within areas of responsibility.
QI 10.3 Prepares and communicates decisions within areas of responsibility.
QI 10.4 Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relationships with staff.
QI 10.5 Unites people towards a common sense of purpose and alignment with Division goals in the provision of services within areas of assigned responsibility.
QI 10.6 Demonstrates a high commitment to the needs of students and staff.
QI 10.7 The Communications Officer builds trust.
QI 10.8 Effectively solves problems.
QI 10.9 Continuously reviews and improves practice, based on performance data.
QI 10.10 Works collaboratively with other departments to ensure the sharing of information as required within areas of responsibility.
QI 10.11 Exhibits a high level of personal, professional, and organizational integrity.
QI 10.12 Models a commitment to personal and professional growth.
QI 10.13 Empowers others.
QI 10.14 Models high ethical standards of conduct.
QI 10.15 Maintains confidentiality at all times.
QI 10.16 Demonstrates punctuality and appropriate dress for a professional setting.
QI 10.17 Maintains currency with required technology to effectively execute assigned duties.

January 5, 2023