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AP 420 - Teacher Accreditation and Renewal


Horizon School Division supports the policy for teacher accreditation that has been developed by the Ministry of Education in consultation with the educational partners of Saskatchewan. The Division believes that the accreditation of teachers will enhance the teacher-learning process.

For the purposes of this procedure, accreditation means that a teacher has been granted the responsibility of determining the final mark or standing of the student in a specified Grade 12 (level 30) subject or subjects. It is understood that courses taught by a teacher granted accreditation privileges must reflect the learning outcomes in the provincial curriculum for that particular course. The privilege of accreditation for the purpose of evaluation will be extended to teachers who meet the requirements as set out in The Education Regulations, 2015 and The Education Act, 1995.


1. Granting of Accreditation
1.1. Initial accreditation and renewal of accreditation will be regulated by the policies developed by Ministry of Education. (Accreditation (Initial and Renewal): Policies and Procedures, 2015)
1.2. Principals in consultation with teachers who are eligible for accreditation in specific subject areas shall follow the procedure outlines below:
1.2.1. The teacher shall submit the Application for Accreditation to the Principal for approval.
1.2.2. Principal forwards the approved application and supporting documentation to Human Resources for approval.
2. Renewal of Accreditation
2.1. The Director (or designate) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Ministry of Education policy regarding the accreditation renewal.
2.2. The Ministry of Education stipulates that every accredited teacher must apply for renewal of accreditation every five (5) years.
3. Application Deadline

The teacher shall submit application for accreditation to the principal no later than September 1, of the school year or February 1, for second semester.

4. Financial Support

Teachers can request to use their allocated Personal Professional Development Funds (as outlined in LINC) to help pay for the course or any costs related to the accreditation application process.

5. Withdrawal of Accreditation

While the Director supports the concept of accreditation as a means of enhancing learning opportunities for students, the Director also reserves the right to withdraw accreditation privileges. Circumstances that might lead to a review of accreditation privileges of individual teachers include:
5.1. Evidence of inappropriate student evaluation and reporting practices;
5.2. Concerns with respect to curriculum coverage;
5.3. Concerns with respect to overall teaching competence.

References: Sections 85, 87, 175, 231, The Education Act
Education Regulations: Section 30
Ministry of Education: Accreditation (Initial and Renewal): Policies and Procedures

March 28, 2011
Revised: May 11, 2022