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AP 480 - Role of the Principal

The Saskatchewan Education Act 1995 requires the division to assign a Principal to each school; therefore, the Director of Education deems it advisable to establish guidelines that outline the reporting relationship, and duties/performance responsibilities for this important leadership position.


1.      Reporting Relationship

1.1          Reports and is accountable to the Director of Education for the overall performance of his/her duties; however, effective service delivery in Horizon School Division schools requires the Principal to work in collaboration, cooperation with accountability to other members of the Director’s office;

1.2          Works collaboratively with students, parents, community members, school based staff, the school council, fellow administrators and members of the Director’s office;

1.3          Is responsible for the supervision, observation and evaluation of all staff in the school.

2.      Primary Function

Subject to the stated policies of the Board of Education and to the regulations, a Principal, under the supervision of the Director, shall be responsible for the general organization, administration and supervision of the school, its program and professional staff and for administrative functions that pertain to liaison between the school and the Board of Education and its officials.

2.1          Organize the program of courses and instruction approved by the Board of Education for the school.

2.2          Assign, in consultation with members of the staff, the duties of each member of the teaching staff.

2.3          Prescribe the duties and functions of vice principals.

2.4          Prescribe the duties and functions of support staff.

2.5          Exercise supervision over the work of all staff assigned to the school.

2.6          Other employees of the School Division or those whose duties relate directly to the care and maintenance of the school building and its facilities.

2.7          Exercise general supervision over the well-being and good order of students while the students are at school or participating in school activities.

2.8          Provide leadership for enhancement of the professional development of staff.

2.9          Co-operate with the universities in programs for the education and training of Teachers.

2.10        Conduct, in co-operation with the staff, a continuing program of planning and evaluation with respect to the objectives, curriculum, pedagogy and effectiveness of the instructional program of the school.

2.11        Define and prescribe the standards of the school with respect to the duties of students and give direction to members of the staff and to students that may be necessary to maintain the good order, harmony and efficiency of the school.

2.12        Administer or cause to be administered any disciplinary measures that are considered proper by him or her and that are consistent with the Saskatchewan Education Act 1995.

2.13        Establish, in consultation with the staff, the procedures and standards to be applied in evaluation of the progress of students and in making promotions.

2.14        Develop, in co-operation with the staff, procedures for preparation of reports to parents or guardians on the progress of students and establish mutually acceptable and beneficial channels for communication between the school and parents or guardians of students.

2.15        Maintain regular liaison with the Director with respect to all matters pertaining to the well-being of the school, the staff and the students.

2.16        Advise and make recommendations to the Director with respect to the staffing of the school.

2.17        Prepare and furnish to the Director, the Board of Education and the Ministry of Education any reports and returns that may be required from time to time with respect to the school; and

2.18        Exercise leadership in co-operation with the Director and the Board of Education in the promotion of public involvement in educational planning directed towards the improvement of education in the school and in the school division.

2.19        The principal is responsible for administering the school in accordance with the polices of the Board and the administrative procedures of the Division.

3.      Performance Responsibilities

The Principal’s performance and evaluation is reflected in the components of Appendix Administrative Procedure 420 – Horizon Professional Practice Competencies for School Leaders.

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Horizon School Division Board Policy Handbook, Policy 15
Professional Competencies for School Leaders

November 4, 2016