Group: 400 - Personnel & Employees » AP 426 - Release Time for Horizon Teachers' Association President

AP 426 - Release Time for Horizon Teachers' Association President


The Division recognizes the importance of the leadership within its professional association of teachers.


The Division may provide up to 50% release time for the President of the Horizon Teachers’ Association (HTA) on the following basis:

1.  The HTA Executive shall apply for release time in writing by June 1 of each year. This application shall include the percentage of time requested.

2.  This release time shall only be provided if the operational feasibility of the provision of such time is ensured. The provision of effective instruction for students shall remain the paramount consideration.

3.  The release time will only be provided on the basis of the fulfillment of a percentage of the teaching contract of the President by a suitable temporary part-time teacher.

4.  The HTA shall bear the entire cost of the provision for release time for the HTA president.

5.  The Division may support the provision of release time by funding up to 20% of the cost depending upon fiscal sustainability.

6.  The contract of the part-time teacher shall be comprised of that time required in performing the established percentage of the HTA President’s teaching load.

March 22, 2011