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AP 414 - Online Learning / Learning from Home


In September of 2020, Horizon School Division set out a framework for re-entry into schools. Within that framework is a contingency plan to guide instruction during this time of transition and potential return to Learning From Home. Expectations for that contingency are contained in that section of the document. This document will summarize the expectation of teachers which is contained in the Ready Reference for Teachers document. Also attached to that framework are the expectations for parents in the Ready Reference for Parents document that could and should be shared with parents if schools are moving to an Online Teaching/Learning From Home situation. 

1.  General Guidelines
1.1.  An Online Teaching/Learning From Home situation does not alter the teacher’s and/or school’s instructional hours as outlined by the current school year calendar.
1.2.  The instructional day will be aligned with the regular school schedule respecting breaks and the noon period (any variation to the regular school schedule shall be submitted to the direct supervisor/principal and approved by the Director of Education or designate).
1.3.  Teachers remain accountable for maintaining their assigned hours of work and achieving their professional and assigned duties and identified outcomes.
1.4.  Teachers are expected to work from their assigned place of work unless otherwise granted permission by the direct supervisor (and approved by the Director of Education or designate).
1.5.  Within twenty-four (24) hours of the announcement of a school moving to Online Teaching/Learning from Home, each teacher will communicate with parents of all students in the teacher’s course(s) regarding the schedule for engagement in online synchronous and asynchronous learning.
1.6.  Teachers will schedule daily contact with all students in their assigned course(s)1
1.6.1.  Contact will be defined as follows:
  • Full group instruction/intervention; 
  • Small group instruction/intervention;
  • Individual instruction/intervention;
  • Students identified as having an Intensive Need ;
    • Under the direction of the teacher and in addition to teacher one to one support as needed, Educational Assistants will support students with identified Intensive Needs as determined throughout the instructional day. 
1.6.2.  SLP/OT/Counselling services will be provided as deemed appropriate in consultation with the Superintendent of Inclusive Education and the Superintendent of Student Supports.;
1.6.3.  Teachers will establish designated “office” hours whereby parents and students will be able to communicate with the teacher directly and/or for the teacher to return messages and contact parents. Teachers will be cognizant of parent schedules and respond accordingly as they would if a parent or teacher requests a meeting (in addition to the designated/scheduled office hours).
1.7.  Teachers will use the Employer’s approved hardware and platforms as modes of instruction, intervention, and for the posting of their online learning link (i.e., Google Classroom, Google Sites, Seesaw, or otherwise as approved by the principal) on the school learning hub/website.
1.8.  Teachers will be expected to deliver all curricular outcomes but are encouraged to look at cross disciplinary outcome attainment as an efficiency measure.
1.9.  Teachers will document items such as, but not limited to, student attendance, participation, and be in frequent communication with the Principal when parents and students are not engaging in learning from home opportunities. Non attendance intervention will follow protocols as outlined in Administrative Procedure 340 - Attendance of Students.
1.10.  The Principal will continue to conduct supervision, observation, and appraisal  of the teacher’s professional practise (as outlined in Administrative Procedure 430), instructional walkthroughs and support for teachers as they would if students and teachers were in the building.
2.  Employment terms and conditions
2.1.  An Online Teaching/Learning From Home situation does not alter the teacher’s basic terms and conditions of employment with the Horizon School Division including, but not limited to, the applicable collective agreement, employment contract, policies, administrative procedures, and legislation.
2.2.  The established employer processes (Aesop) to apply for the request of and the approval for a leave (personal day, medical appointment, EDO etc.). Employees and/or direct supervisors who are uncertain whether such requests are compatible with the Online Teaching/Learning From Home arrangements should contact Human Resource Services for clarification.

3.  Privacy and Confidentiality
3.1.  Within the Horizon School Division, in Online Teaching/Learning From Home situations, information that is not public must be treated with the same level of confidentiality as if the employee is working within their regular place of work. The Horizon School Division is subject to various requirements regarding privacy and confidentiality that arise out of legislation and policy (LAFOIP).
3.2.  Employees who are in an Online Teaching/Learning From Home situation must comply with all Horizon School Division guidelines to protect Horizon School Division information, data and the use of computer hardware, accessories, and software. The employee who is Online Teaching/Learning From Home is responsible for adhering to the following:
  • AP 135                Abuse and Vandalism of Technology Assets
  • AP 139                Security of Computers, Memory Keys, and Portable Storage Devices
  • AP 140                Acceptable Use of Technology 
  • AP 147                Social Media and Web-based Services
  • AP 180                Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy 
  • AP 180.1             Breaches of Privacy 
  • AP 411                Confidentiality
  • AP 183                Live Streaming and Recording of Classes
4.  Guidelines for Illness
4.1.  All employees will follow the directives outlined by Horizon School Division.
4.2.  Employees are reminded of the Government of Saskatchewan’s resources available on and Below is a list of employee support numbers. We encourage all employees to take care of their physical and mental health. 
  • STF Members – Members Family Assistance Plan offered by ComPsych 1-833-485-4245 or 1-800-667-7762. 
  • Mental Health – 1-306-786-0558
  • Canada Crisis Line: 1-800-668-6868 
  • SaskHealth Hotline: 811
1 Teachers are expected to be working directly with students for the majority of the school day, notwithstanding consideration for open office hours (1.6.3). Frequency of contact may consider variables including, but not limited to, class size, family schedules, and specific learning needs of students. Teachers will establish a predictable schedule for meeting with students to ensure that all students have daily contact with the teacher either through direct instruction or check-ins.
Teachers shall establish whole group direct instruction, and small-group/one-to-one support frequently based on student learning needs. These schedules shall be communicated with parents and approved by the principal. Scheduled meeting times and meeting links shall be posted for student/family ease of access.


References: Re-Open Saskatchewan: A plan to re-open the provincial economy updated June 16, 2020

The Saskatchewan Employment Act