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AP 482 - Role of the Teacher (Certificated Staff)

Teachers, under the direction of the school Principal and in cooperation with the Director of Education and administrative staff, are expected to perform their duties as set out in Section 231 of the Saskatchewan Education Act 1995, Saskatchewan Education regulations, and policies, guidelines and procedures issued by the division or its representatives.

The division views teaching duties as those professional tasks conducted by teachers in the course of their activities concerned with the instruction, assessment and supervision of students. The welfare of students and the maintenance of a positive educational climate in the school community are also considered to be an integral part of the teacher's role.

Teachers are expected to use professional judgment in determining appropriate pedagogical activities to ensure that students have the opportunity to have a successful educational experience. To this end, no specific methodologies are prescribed.

1.      Definitions

Certificated staff are defined as those staff requiring a valid Saskatchewan teaching certificate and are members in good standing with the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board to perform their duties, and covered by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Provincial Collective Agreement.

2.      Procedures

2.1          Teachers shall be responsible for being familiar with and upholding current legislation and all policies, regulations and procedures of Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board, the Board of Education, the Director of Education and the Principal that pertain to duties of teachers.

2.2          A teacher’s duties include but not limited to the following:

A teacher is responsible, in co-operation with staff colleagues and administrative authorities, for:

a)            Advancing the educational standards and efficiency of the school;

b)            Participating in educational planning by the staff, principal and/or the Director of Education;

c)            Advancing his or her personal professional competence.

A teacher shall:

a)            Diligently and faithfully teach the students in the educational program assigned by the Principal.

b)            Plan and organize the learning activities of the class with due regard for the individual differences and needs of the students.

c)            Co-operate with colleagues and associates in program development and teaching activities pertaining to the class and individual students.

d)            Maintain, in co-operation with colleagues and with the Principal, good order and general discipline in the classroom, on school premises and/or while participating in school related activities.

e)            Conduct and manage assigned functions in the instructional program in accordance with the educational policies and procedures of the School Division and the applicable regulations.

f)             Keep a record of attendance of the students in the form that the Ministry may prescribe or in any other form that may be recommended by the Principal as approved by the Minister.

g)            Report regularly, in accordance with policies of the school approved by the Board of Education to the parent or guardian of each student with respect to progress and any circumstances or conditions that may be of mutual interest and concern to the teacher and the parent or guardian.

h)            Participate, under the leadership of the Principal, in developing cooperation and co-ordination of effort and activities of members of the staff in accomplishing the objectives of the school.

i)             Exclude any student from the class for overt opposition to the teacher’s authority or other gross misconduct and, by the conclusion of that day, report in writing to the Principal the circumstances of that exclusion.

j)             Furnish, on request, to the Board of Education, the Director, the Principal or the Minister, any data or information in the teacher’s possession respecting anything connected with the operation of the school or in any way affecting its interests or well-being.

k)            Deliver up any school records or other school property or property of the school division in the teacher’s possession when leaving the employment of the Board of Education or the when requested in writing by the Board of Education to do so.

l)             Exclude from the teacher’s classroom any student suspected to be suffering from, or of being convalescent from or in contact with, a communicable disease and immediately report that exclusion to the Principal who shall give notification of the exclusion and the reasons for it to the medical health officer.

m)          Re-admit to the classroom, on production of a written certificate from the medical health officer, any student who has been excluded pursuant to clause (l).

n)            Co-operate with the colleges of education of the universities in the education and training of teachers in accordance with the regulations and any policies of the Board of Education with respect to access to the school and its facilities for that purpose.

o)            Attend regularly all meetings of the staff convened by the Principal or the Director (or designate).

p)            Advance or promote students in their work in accordance with the promotion policies of the school and under the general supervision of the Principal; and co-operate with supervisors, consultants and other personnel, and undertake personal initiatives in activities intended or designed to enhance in-service professional growth and the development of professional competence and status.

q)            Performing other related duties as assigned by the Principal.

3.      Performance Responsibilities

The Teacher’s performance and evaluation is reflected in the components of Appendix AF-430 Professional Competencies for Horizon Teachers.

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Horizon School Division Board Policy Handbook, Policy 15
November 4, 2016