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AP 411 - Confidentiality


Horizon School Division #205 (the “Division”) believes in the protection of the personal information of its staff and students and compliance with its obligations under The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  The Division may obtain personal information, data and statistics of students and staff as part of the normal business operations of a school division.  All employees are to keep any personal information pertaining to students and fellow employees obtained in the course of employment with the Division confidential.



1.  All employees shall keep strictly confidential any and all information they acquire during the course of their employment that would reasonably be considered to be personal or confidential.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1.1.  Personal information concerning students and parents;

1.2.  Personal information concerning all employees of the Division;

1.3.  Personal information concerning Board Members;

1.4.  Confidential information obtained from third parties;

1.5.  Confidential information about matters under consideration by school administration or the Board of Education;

1.6.  Content of tenders and other contractual negotiations; and

1.7.  Details of business operations, financial matters, litigation and other confidential records of businesses which deal with the Board.

2.  Information covered by this Administrative Procedure shall include information that is written, unwritten, or stored electronically.

3.  Subject to applicable legislation and regulations requiring the release or disclosure of information, personal or confidential information shall be released only where necessary in the authorized course of employment or scope of duties.  Information shall be disclosed only by personnel authorized to release such information.

An employee shall make his or her best efforts to ascertain whether or not release of information is authorized, and if uncertain, shall direct the inquiry to his or her supervisor and/or the Privacy Officer/LAFOIPP Coordinator.

4.  This obligation of confidence extends to information which may in future be publicly disclosed, but prior to public disclosure is confidential in nature.

5.  Any person who knowingly, recklessly, or negligently releases personal or confidential information without appropriate authority may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including consideration of termination of employment for just cause.

6.  Termination of employment, whether voluntary or involuntary, does not release employees from their obligations under this Administrative Procedure.  These obligations shall extend indefinitely beyond the conclusion of employment with the Division.

7.  Upon leaving the employment of the Division, an employee will promptly deliver to the Division any and all information, data, notes, records, plans or other documents held by him or her concerning the information, business or operations of the Division.

8.  The Director of Education or designate shall:

8.1.  Develop procedures to collect, store and allow access to personal and confidential information in keeping with the requirements of appropriate legislation.


8.2.  Provide employees with direction concerning the appropriate release of information that they may encounter during the course of their employment.

9.  All volunteers and contractors who may have access to confidential or personal information shall be provided with a copy of this Administrative Procedure and will be required to adhere to its requirements as a condition of their ongoing engagement with the Division.

        10.  All supervisors shall ensure that all employees, volunteers, and contractors covered by this Administrative Procedure shall be provided with a copy of this Procedure prior to commencing employment or duties with the School Division and shall sign an acknowledgement confirming receipt, review, and adherence to this Procedure.


January 16, 2017