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AP 400 - Staff Recruitment and Selection


Staff recruitment and selection is one of the most important priorities of the Division.

The Division shall employ individuals best qualified to meet the diverse needs of students and the school division and maintain high standards of excellence.


1.    Recruitment of all Staff
1.1.    Schools and services will advise the Human Resource Services of all staffing requirements by completing a staffing requisition (AppliTrack).
1.2.    Human Resources is responsible for posting and advertising available positions upon review of the current job description.  Positions that become vacant will be posted.
1.3.    Human Resources is responsible for recruitment and selection that adhere to applicable legislation, collective agreements and working conditions.
1.4.    Professional Staff
1.4.1.   Teachers returning from an approved leave of absence may be given priority in teacher placements.
1.4.2.   Teachers may apply for a transfer to another school or teaching area (AP 424 - Transfer of Professional Staff - Horizon School Division).
1.5.    Support Staff
1.5.1.   All support staff hired will have the appropriate qualifications as outlined in the applicable job description.
1.5.2.   If applicable, seniority will be given priority in placement.
2.    Interview & Selection Process

The screening process will include reference checking before interviews, whenever possible.
2.1.    Interviews will be mutually agreed upon and will include:
2.1.1   Superintendents
  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Human Resources

2.1.2.   School-Based Administrators

  • Director of Education
  • Superintendent of Human Resources (or designate)
  • Board Trustee (Board Policy 15 - Principals only)

2.1.3.    Professional/Support Staff

  • Superintendent of Human Resources (or designate)
  • School-Based Administrator/Services Manager

2.2.    Human Resources will be responsible for making verbal offers of employment and ensuring unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed are contacted.

2.3.    All employment offers and/or contracts shall be confirmed in writing.  All professional appointments shall be to the employment of the Division and not to the specific school or central office location.

2.4.    All offers of employment shall be conditional upon receipt of a Criminal Record Check (CRC) (AP 404 - Criminal Record Checks for Employees - Horizon School Division).  The CRC shall be provided prior to the start of employment and shall be at the cost of the employee.

2.5.    The Director of Education shall be informed of all offers of employment.


Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 174, 175, Education Act
                        Human Rights Code

November 13, 2014 
Revised: May 11, 2022