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AP 446 - Time Cards - Bus Drivers


Accurate payment of staff depends upon the timely provision of information using Division forms.


1.  Time cards for the current school year must be completed monthly.

2.  When completing time cards:
2.1.  Please indicate Y (Yes) if you drove or N (No) if you did not drive for the morning and afternoon run.
2.2.  When you are absent you need to indicate the reason for your absence.  Please give as much of a description as possible.
2.3.  If you are absent you need to indicate the name of the substitute driver.  This is very important so that the sub receives pay for that day.
2.4.  Time cards are to be given to a school secretary on the last working day of the month.  The secretary will be responsible for faxing the time cards to the Humboldt Service Center.  
2.5.  Time cards will also be on the Bus Drivers’ Conference in First Class.  If you choose to do your time cards electronically please send them to Payroll Horizon S.D.
2.6.  Please remember to sign your time cards before you hand it in to the school secretary.
2.7.  You are still required to submit your leave forms as per the usual process.  
2.8.  If you have questions please call the Payroll Department located in the Humboldt Service Centre

Reference:  Collective Agreement

September 1, 2011