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Alert: Bus delays and cancellations QL2 - PM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL2 - AM - Quill Lake (OnTime); L PK - Lanigan Pre-K (Drop off) (OnTime); Le2 - PM - Leroy (OnTime); Le2 - AM - Leroy (OnTime); Wat2 - PM - Watrous (OnTime); Wat2 AM - Watrous (OnTime); QL2 - PM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL2 - AM - Quill Lake (OnTime); H3 PM -Schell (Holdfast) (OnTime); H3 AM -Schell (Holdfast) (OnTime); WW5 - PM Wakaw (OnTime); WW5 - AM Wakaw (OnTime); S2 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S2 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); FL3 - PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL3 - AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); E3 PM - Englefeld (OnTime); E3 AM - Englefeld (OnTime); E1 PM - Engelfeld (OnTime); E1 AM - Englefeld (OnTime); K3 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K3 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); HUM URBAN - PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM URBAN - AM - Humbooldt (OnTime); HUM PRE-K PM - HPS (OnTime); DRAKE TRANSFER PM - LCHS to Drake (OnTime); Drake Transfer AM - Drake to LCHS (OnTime); BU5 PM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU5 AM - Bulyea (OnTime); AR1 - PM - Transfer - Rose Valley to Archerwill (OnTime); AR1 - AM - Transfer - Archerwill to Rose Valley (OnTime); R - Daystar - PM (OnTime); R - Daystar - AM (OnTime); Wyn - PreK - Wynyard Elementary (OnTime); W - Pre-K - PM - Wadena Elementary (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake 3 - PM (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake 3 - AM (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake 2 -PM (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake - L2 - AM (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake 1 -PM (OnTime); W - Fishing Lake 1 - AM (OnTime); Punnichy - DM / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - DM / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - EA / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - EA / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - MP / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - MP / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - JM / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - JM / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - TK / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - TK / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - CH / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - CH / AM (OnTime); Punnichy - BB / PM (OnTime); Punnichy - BB / AM (OnTime); V4 PM - Viscount (OnTime); V4 AM - Viscount (OnTime); WAT8 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT8 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT7 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT7 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT6 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT6 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT5 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT5 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT4 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT4 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT3 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT3 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT1 PM - Watrous (OnTime); WAT1 AM - Watrous (OnTime); WW Pre-K - Wakaw (OnTime); WW7 PM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW7 AM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW4 PM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW4 AM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW3 PM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW3 AM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW2 PM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW2 AM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW1 PM - Wakaw (OnTime); WW1 AM - Wakaw (OnTime); V2 PM - Viscount (OnTime); Wyn12 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn12 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn11 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn11 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn10 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn10 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn8 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn8 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn6 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn6 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn5 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn5 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn3 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn3 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn2 PM - Wynyard (OnTime); Wyn2 AM - Wynyard (OnTime); Ws2 PM - Watson (OnTime); Ws2 AM - Watson (OnTime); Ws1 PM - Watson (OnTime); Ws1 AM - Watson (OnTime); W - Pre-K -AM - Wadena Elementary (OnTime); W5 AM - Wadena (OnTime); W5 PM - Wadena (OnTime); W4 PM - Wadena (OnTime); W4 AM - Wadena (OnTime); W3 PM - Wadena (OnTime); W3 AM - Wadena (OnTime); W2 PM - Wadena (OnTime); W2 AM - Wadena (OnTime); W1 PM - Wadena (OnTime); W1 AM - Wadena (OnTime); RV2 PM - Rose Valley (OnTime); RV2 AM - Rose Valley (OnTime); RV1 PM - Rose Valley (OnTime); RV1 AM - Rose Valley (OnTime); R7 PM - Raymore (OnTime); R7 AM - Raymore (OnTime); R6 PM - Raymore (OnTime); R6 AM - Raymore (OnTime); R5 PM - Raymore (OnTime); R5 AM - Raymore (OnTime); R1 PM - Raymore (OnTime); R1 AM - Raymore (OnTime); QL4 PM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL4 AM- Quill Lake (OnTime); QL3 PM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL3 AM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL1 PM - Quill Lake (OnTime); QL1 AM - Quill Lake (OnTime); P1 PM - Punnichy (OnTime); P1 AM - Punnichy (OnTime); K9 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K9 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); K8 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K8 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); K7 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K7 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); K5 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K5 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); K6 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K6 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); K2 PM - Kelvington (OnTime); K2 AM - Kelvington (OnTime); It5 PM - Ituna (OnTime); It5 AM - Ituna (OnTime); It4 PM - Ituna (OnTime); It4 AM - Ituna (OnTime); It2 PM - Ituna (OnTime); It2 AM - Ituna (OnTime); It1 PM - Ituna (OnTime); It1 AM - Ituna (OnTime); FL8 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL8 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL7 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL7 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL5 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL5 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL4 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL4 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL2 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL2 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL1 PM - Foam Lake (OnTime); FL1 AM - Foam Lake (OnTime); Ar3 PM - Archerwill (OnTime); Ar3 AM - Archerwill (OnTime); Ar2 PM - Archerwill (OnTime); Ar2 AM - Archerwill (OnTime); Ar1 PM - Archerwill (OnTime); Ar1 AM - Archerwill (OnTime); V2 AM - Viscount (OnTime); V1 PM - Viscount (OnTime); V1 AM - Viscount (OnTime); SB5 PM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB5 AM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB3 PM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB3 AM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB2 PM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB2 AM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB1 PM - St. Brieux (OnTime); SB1 AM - St. Brieux (OnTime); S7 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S7 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S6 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S6 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S5 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S5 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S4 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S4 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S3 PM - Strasbourg (OnTime); S3 AM - Strasbourg (OnTime); N2 AM - Nokomis (OnTime); N2 PM - Nokomis (OnTime); M4 PM - Muenster (OnTime); M4 AM - Muenster (OnTime); M3 PM - Muenster (OnTime); M3 AM - Muenster (OnTime); M1 PM - Muenster (OnTime); M1 AM - Muenster (OnTime); TL2 PM - Three Lakes (OnTime); TL2 AM - Three Lakes (OnTime); TL1 PM - Three Lakes (OnTime); TL1 AM - Three Lakes (OnTime); LE1 PM - Leroy (OnTime); LE1 AM - Leroy (OnTime); L5 PM - Lanigan (OnTime); L5 AM- Lanigan (OnTime); L4 PM - Lanigan (OnTime); L4 AM- Lanigan (OnTime); L3 PM - Lanigan (OnTime); L3 AM - Lanigan (OnTime); L2 PM - Lanigan (OnTime); L2 AM - Lanigan (OnTime); L1 PM - Lanigan (OnTime); L1 AM - Lanigan (OnTime); LL3 PM - Lake Lenore (OnTime); LL3 AM - Lake Lenore (OnTime); LL2 PM - Lake Lenore (OnTime); LL2 AM - Lake Lenore (OnTime); I4 PM - Imperial (OnTime); I4 AM - Imperial (OnTime); I3 PM - Imperial (OnTime); I3 AM - Imperial (OnTime); I2 PM - Imperial (OnTime); I2 AM - Imperial (OnTime); H2 PM - Schell (Holdfast) (OnTime); H2 AM - Schell (Holdfast) (OnTime); H1 PM - Schell (Holdfast) (OnTime); H1 AM - Schell Holdfast (OnTime); HUM PRE-K AM - HPS (OnTime); HUM9 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM9 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM8 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM8 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM7 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM7 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM5 PM (OnTime); HUM5 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM4 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM4 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM3 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM3 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM2 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM2 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); D3 PM - Drake (OnTime); D3 AM - Drake (OnTime); D2 PM - Drake (OnTime); D2 AM - Drake (OnTime); D1 PM - Drake (OnTime); D1 AM - Drake (OnTime); C3 PM - Cudworth (OnTime); C3 AM - Cudworth (OnTime); C2 PM - Cudworth (OnTime); C2 AM - Cudworth (OnTime); C1 PM - Cudworth (OnTime); C1 AM - Cudworth (OnTime); BU - PM - Transfer - Bulyea to Wm Derby (OnTime); BU - AM - Transfer - Bulyea to Wm Derby (OnTime); BU4 AM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU4 PM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU3 PM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU3 AM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU2 PM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU2 AM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU1 PM - Bulyea (OnTime); BU1 AM - Bulyea (OnTime); B3 PM - Bruno (OnTime); B3 AM - Bruno (OnTime); B2 PM - Bruno (OnTime); B2 AM - Bruno (OnTime); B1 PM - Bruno (OnTime); B1 AM - Bruno (OnTime); A2 PM - Annaheim (OnTime); A2 AM - Annaheim (OnTime); HUM1 PM - Humboldt (OnTime); HUM1 AM - Humboldt (OnTime); A1 PM - Annaheim (OnTime); A1 AM - Annaheim (OnTime);
School Reporter News 2.png
Ituna School Student Reporter News - June 2022
June 27, 2022
Click the image to read about the 2021-2022 wrap up at Ituna School. Thanks to Student Reporter Jillian Boyarski for keeping us up to date!โ€‹
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