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AP 540 - Facilities Planning


The need for long range planning for the Division’s facilities is essential. Long range planning shall consist of three phases:

  • A yearly proposal for retrofits and repairs;
  • A five-year proposal for retrofits and repairs; and
  • A five-year plan for construction.

In addition to these areas of planning, there will be emergency situations that arise and general maintenance programs implemented at the school-based level.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Operations to generate annual and five-year proposals in consultation with other superintendents and the principals. An essential tool in this planning work is the use of the FAME software.  This software, in conjunction with school audits, will assist in various steps in this procedure, especially in determining future maintenance requirements and costs.


1.  By the end of February, the Superintendent of Operations shall submit to the Chief Financial Officer a proposal of the required centralized budgetary requirements for facilities retrofit and repairs. This report shall contain the following information:

  • The names and locations of schools in need of retrofit or repair;
  • Specific details of required work;
  • Estimated costs of repairs for each school; and
  • A five year projected enrolment for students for all schools.

2.  By the end of November of each calendar year, the Superintendent of Operations shall up-date the five-year proposals that are required by the Ministry. These shall be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer for submission to the Ministry. The reported information should consider:

  • Future growth;
  • The current state of facilities;
  • Space utilization;
  • Enrolment projections;
  • Integrated community activity;
  • Fiscal considerations; and
  • Ministry of Education Facilities guidelines and policy.

3.  The annual and five-year plans shall form the Division’s Facilities Master Plan. It is important to understand that although this plan is intended to look far into the future, it must be revised regularly. There is also the understanding that the Master Plan is flexible in order to react to and take advantage of new trends and new directions from the Ministry and the Board.

4.  Both plans shall be confidential planning documents for the Board and will not be released to the public without Board approval.

5.  The work outlined above must align with the schedule in Board Policy 14, “Viable Schools” and provide the information required for Board decision making.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 108, 109, 110, 343, 345, 347, 350 Education Act
Sections Part X1X.3, 77, 79 Education Regulation

March 7, 2011