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AP 530 - Insurance and Liability


Insurance coverage is required by law and the Division has formally entered into agreements for coverage. General terms and clarification of the coverage are outlined in this procedure.


1.  Bussing

Insurance coverage applies to certified riders of the bus. As such, the coverage applies to regular bus routes and extra-curricular trips.

2.  Music/Band Student Transportation

2.1.  Students that are enrolled in Central Band programs are covered in the same fashion as those students covered in extra-curricular activities.

2.2.  If a parent chooses to have their child drive, the parents must submit an AF-530 Parental Consent for Student Transportation Form.  If the parent consents to have one child drive a sibling this should be indicated and agreed to in writing. Parents must also understand that they subsequently assume their own liability and exempt the Division from liability.

3.  Extra-curricular Activities

3.1.  Insurance coverage applies to bus transportation and private vehicle transportation, subject to the following conditions:

    • For the purposes of our coverage, a parent or a principal-authorized adult must be the driver in each vehicle. The driver must hold a valid driver’s license;
    • The number of people in each vehicle shall never exceed the number of seatbelts. This does not apply to school buses;
    • The Division’s liability shall cease upon the drop-off of the student at a designated site. This site shall normally be the school, but may include other sites as determined by the supervising teacher or adult. Parents, upon completing a AF-530 Parental Consent for Student Transportation Form may designate that their child does not travel to or return from an extra-curricular event with the school designated adult; and
    • Under no circumstances may the supervising adult allow a student to arrange their own transportation without having had written parental permission.

3.2.  It is highly recommended that individuals carry extra insurance coverage if using their personal vehicles for transporting students to extra-curricular events. In the event of liability, the usual legal jurisdictions are the private insurance first; the school division second; and then any non-owners auto policy that may exist.

3.3.  It is further recommended that individuals do not rent or borrow vehicles while on an educational trip. If vehicles are rented, all applicable insurance offered by the rental agency should be purchased.

3.4.  Travelers should check to make sure there is insurance on their own luggage (i.e. cameras, video cameras, clothing etc.), as Division insurance does not cover such items.

3.5.  Parents should consider purchasing year-round 24-hour student accident insurance.

4.  Volunteer Coaches

The Division’s insurance shall cover volunteer coaches, provided that the actions of the coach are within the SHSAA guidelines and Board policy and Administrative procedure.

5.  Graduation Activities

5.1.  The Division’s insurance coverage applies to all school sanctioned graduation activities.

5.2.  There will be no insurance coverage, however, if there is involvement by Division employed personnel, whatsoever, in the planning, organization and operation of post-graduation celebrations involving illegal activities. The insurance is very specific that it will not cover any activities involving the consumption of alcohol or other drugs and must not include hazardous events, such as bungee jumping or water activities without the specific approval of the insurer.

6.  Initiation, Hazing and Other Such Activities

The Division supports school activities that promote the involvement of all students without designating one group for any specific indoctrination, hazing, initiation, or degradation. The Division’s insurance coverage does not extend any liability coverage to any activities that involve hazing, indoctrination, initiation and/or degradation of students or staff.

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, Education Act

March 7, 2011