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Transportation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for transportation for my child?
When you register with your school, they will collect the necessary information for the Transportation Services Team. Once eligibility for transportation is confirmed, the information will be provided to your bus driver who will be in touch with a pickup time and date.
1. Who designs my bus route?
All bus routes are designed by the Transportation Services Department of Horizon School Division #205.

2. Who should I contact if we are moving or relocating to a different attendance area?
If you are remaining at the same school, notify the school of the change in address / location.  If you are moving from one school to another, please notify the exiting and receiving schools.

3. How do I know which attendance area I am living in, and if I am eligible to receive transportation services?
To inquire about attendance areas and eligibility for transportation services, please contact the Transportation Services Department via email at [email protected].

4. Who is my bus driver, and how can I contact them directly?
Bus drivers will contact each family directly to provide them with the necessary information regarding pick up times and drop off times.  

5. What happens if my driver can't run a route due to mechanical or weather issues?
If the bus driver cannot run the route, the driver will contact parents directly as far in advance as possible.

6. I'm interested in driving a bus as a spare driver, or regular route driver.  What are my next steps?
Positions are posted on the Horizon School division website at the following location.
---  Click Here   ---
Alternatively, please contact Horizon School Division at 306-382-2558.
Or Southland Transportation at 306-682-5715