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Urban Transportation Services

1. Are in town transportation services available in all Horizon communities?

Answer: No. The in city urban transportation services is only available within the City of Humboldt.

2. Can my child just jump on any bus?

Answer: No. Registration is required in advance. Specific busses will be used for this service and assigned accordingly. Assignment of specific busses will ensure capacity is available as required.

3. Are services provided door to door?

Answer:  No. Transportation Services will determine your bus stop based on your address. The bus will pick up your children and drop them off at the same bus stop. Bus stop information is provided below.

4.  Can my child use the bus after school to get to activities.

Answer: No. This service is intended to provide students with a safe ride to school and back to the vicinity of their residence only.
  • Riders are not required to provide notification if they are not using the service on specific days. However, should services no longer be accessed, please email [email protected], or contact the transportation team at 306-682-2558
  • This service is for registered riders only. Guest riders will not be permitted to access the service.
  • Service will not be provided for students to access sporting events, whether school related or not.
  • The bus will not wait for students at any designated bus stop. If riders miss the bus, there will be no other division transportation service available.
  • If your child is in Kindergarten, a waiver is required if you will not be at the bus stop for after school drop off. If you choose not to sign the waiver, you must be present at the bus stop.  If you are not there to receive your child, your child will be returned to their school.
  • Bus stop locations at the schools are located at the regular bus loading zones of each school.
  • If an urban bus run is canceled either due to mechanical issues or severe weather Notification will occur via School Messenger.

2024-2025 Urban Transportation Information

Urban transportation services will commence on Tuesday, September 3, 2024 and will end on June 26, 2025.

Each approved rider will be provided with their own bus pass.  In order to ride the bus, the student must present their bus pass. 

Bus passes will be distributed through your school based on the information provided through the online registration form. Click Here

  • Bus passes will be color coded according to the assigned bus route. Buses serving urban routes will also be equipped with matching color-coded identifiers.
  • Riders will be assigned a specific bus stop location based on the primary residence. Students may not access services from buses or locations other than assigned.
  • There are ten “Bus Stop” locations throughout the City of Humboldt. The planned pick-up times are to be considered estimated times. 
  • Bus stop times are estimated based on recorded stop times. Please allow +/- 5-10 minutes to account for variables such as environmental, traffic, trains, etc.
Bus route schedules will be posted here and shared with families via email prior to the start of the school year.
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