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AP 357 - Acts of Vandalism


The Division is a steward of precious public resources which includes the facilities of the Division.

Procedure AP-350 School Discipline will guide principals who seek to correct the behavior of students who willfully damage Division property. In addition, the provisions of the following procedure are available to principals to ensure student safety and that corrective action is taken in response to vandalism by students.


1.  Acts of vandalism (defined as deliberate and malicious behaviour causing damage) to school buildings and school property shall be reported to the principal.

2.  The principal shall investigate and report the incident immediately to the Superintendent of Operations.

3.  In case of emergency, the custodians and/or principal shall take immediate action as is required to secure the building, equipment, and property.

4.  Students who willfully commit acts of vandalism against Division property will be required to pay restitution prior to returning to regular classes, subject to any and all guidelines established by the Division and without any necessary compliance to court ordered direction.

5.  Students who willfully commit acts of vandalism against Division property may be declared to be exempt from all extra-curricular activity for a period of one to five school months (September to June, inclusive).

6.  The student and his/her parents shall have the right to a hearing with appeal to the Area Superintendent.  

Reference:  Sections 85, 87, 109, 110, 150, 151, 175, Education Act

March 8, 2011