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Teachers who actively using Benchmark and/or LLI should have access to the F&P Resource CDs in each system. Teachers may play the actual CDs on their computer or may access the contents online:

The first time each teacher goes to the site, you will be required to complete a registration form. Customer Service will respond with a key code to give you access to the material that was requested. It’s not necessary to re-register for access to another product. Once you have your key code simply log in and enter the appropriate key code.  Each teacher can then build their own library of online content based on their needs.  Should any questions arise, teachers can rely on the F&P Tech Support or Customer Service for assistance.  The online method of retrieval is considered preferable, as the information is the most current and is updated as necessary.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If a teacher already has a product code they will go to the site above, click register, and fill out the information.
  • If the teacher doesn’t have the product code yet, because the product was produced before the online resources were available, go to the site above, click register, and then click the question mark next to the Product Code field. A small window will pop up listing the different products. Products that might not have the product code included with the product materials have a link in the text that takes the teacher to a form where they can request the product code. Once their (or their school’s) ownership of the product is validated the appropriate code will be sent by emailed.