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Other Programs

Transitional Programs:

Canadian Post-Secondary:

Bridges -  Choices planner career program for students, parents and counselors.  

This organization can provide you with up-to-date information on Canadian higher
education (universities, publications, international activities, scholarships, etc.).

 Both in Canada and internationally. An online programs database gives examples of the types of programs available.

         Information on college or university

           Career information for counselors  and students.

International Education and Training:

International Training Centres

Study Abroad         

Study Abroad is an online resource for study abroad information. Search study abroad programs by: Academic Year/Semester, Summer, Language, Subject, Intern Abroad/Volunteer, High School, Full Undergraduate Degrees, Intersession, ESL, TEFL Certificate, Summer Law, Summer Business, Graduate Study Abroad, Adult Programs, and Teaching Programs.

Find Colleges and Universities from around the world. You can browse by name or by region/location.

4 International Colleges & Universities is an international education directory selecting and reviewing world-wide Universities and Colleges. includes 7000 Colleges and Universities ranked by popularity in 200 countries

Here you’ll find a listing of American campuses. You can browse by state. You will also find great information on how to survive your academic life.

American Universities         

An alphabetical list of links to American universities offering bachelor or advanced degrees.

A clickable map listing all American universities and community colleges first by state, then by name.