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Indigenous Education

At Horizon School Division, our initiatives aim to enrich the our students' educational journey by integrating Indigenous knowledge, languages, and traditions into our curriculum and daily school activities. Here's a look at some of the key accomplishments and ongoing projects:
Mîkiwâhp Project
Funded by the McDowell Foundation Grant, the Mîkiwâhp Project is a collaborative effort with the George Gordon Education Centre staff, students, and community. This project includes a 10-month calendar focusing on the Virtues of the Tipi Teachings such as Respect, Love, and Honesty. It features engagement with elders, knowledge keepers, and community leaders to address the educational needs of families.
A group of students listening to Indigenous Knowledge Keeper tell stories.

Mastercard Foundation Resource Kits
With support from the Mastercard Foundation, we have developed resource kits to aid teachers on their journey towards Truth & Reconciliation. These kits focus on place-based cultural and traditional knowledge specific to Treaty 4 territory and include resources such as Cree and Saulteaux language materials, tipi teachings, and lesson plans that align with the holistic framework and curriculum outcomes.
Assessments and Holistic Framework
We've observed that a high percentage of our First Nations and Métis students perform significantly lower on traditional assessments compared to their non-Indigenous peers. In response, we are integrating tools that reflect Indigenous perspectives, which has shown significant improvements in student engagement and understanding.
Cultural and Professional Development
Our commitment extends beyond the classroom through various professional development opportunities for our staff, including Treaty Education, Blanket Exercises, and Truth & Reconciliation sessions. These programs help build a mutually respectful relationship between Horizon School Division and our First Nation partners.
Community and Cultural Events
Our schools and Division host events like tipi teachings, round dances, feasts, pipe ceremonies, and powwows. These events are crucial for fostering an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures within the entire school community. Horizon is proud to host a flag raising ceremony each year on National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is an honour to participate in this important day with First Nations and community partners.
Awards and Recognition
Our efforts have been recognized with the Premier’s Board of Education Award for Innovation and Excellence in Education in 2021, highlighting our dedication to integrating Indigenous education into our teaching practices.
At Horizon, we believe in a future where every student has the opportunity to learn about, understand, and respect Indigenous cultures and contributions. We are proud to be at the forefront of Indigenous education in Saskatchewan, continually striving for excellence and innovation.