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Agricultural Education

Horizon School Division recognizes the foundational role that agriculture plays, not only in our economy but in shaping the character of our communities. We are committed to cultivating an understanding and appreciation of agriculture in the next generation.
We have created CALM contests for the last two years to promote ag education during Canadian Ag Literacy Month, partnering with the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association in 2023 and Partnering with Star Egg in 2024. We have also made visits to the U of S College of Agriculture and Bioresources and the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence. We also have had demonstrations from AgExperts on their accounting and farm management software for some of our ag classes. We had Farm & Food Care, Ag in the Classroom and Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) at our Collab Day and VBP+ is working with high school classes to get them their certification if wanted. We also are highlighting special dates like Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan(October), Canadian Ag Day, CALM(Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month).