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Wynyard Composite High School
SCC Meeting Minutes


      • WCHS - School Community Council

        Meeting Minutes – Sept 9, 2019 – 5:00 pm


        In attendance: Shauna Kihn, Lynne Neal, Iris Erickson, Dean Kletzel (RCMP), Cindy Horvath (teacher), Terry Leibel (Principal).


        1.      Call to Order – Shauna called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm.

        2.      Approval of Agenda (Iris, Lynne)

        3.      Reading and Adoption of Minutes – Terry read the minutes of the last meeting on May 27, 2019. (Lynne, Iris)

        4.      Business arising from the minutes

        1. Engraving – the bill for the Colour Night engraving (plaques and medallions) was $1,821.52. Although the SCC made the motion to pay for the engraving this year, Terry felt it was much more than anticipated. Terry made the decision to transfer only $500 from the SCC account to the school's general account to help cover some of the cost of the engraving. If the SCC does not agree to this amount, it can be reversed. Everyone in attendance agreed to leave this "as is".

        5.      School Report – Terry provided the school report.

        6.      SRC Report – none provided

        7.      Horizon School Division Report – none provided

        8.      Financial Report – the annual grant from the school division was in our account as promised on September 1st. The amount for this year is $1,976.00. We also have $1,920.03 carryover from last year. This should be in our account after September 13th.

        9.      New Business:

        1. School Budget – Unfortunately, our school budget was decreased $6,304.00 over last year. This is a reduction of 17.7%. The rational behind this is that the division has removed our photocopying costs. In 2018-2019 we also saw a reduction of $5,605.80 (13.5%). In 2017-2018 our school budget was $41,309 and in 2019-2020 our school budget is $29,400. A 30% reduction in budget has had an impact on how we run our school.
        2. School Fundraising – it is unfortunate that QSP (magazine sales) has gone under. Although magazine sales was not a highlight for everyone, it did bring in over $5,000 to our SRC yearly. Without this money, we will find it difficult to offer the little extras such as the Much Music Video Dance that the students enjoy each December. The WCHS staff is currently exploring options for other fundraising initiatives. Iris suggested she would help organize a fall supper if that is what the staff would like to do. The staff is also looking at a few other options such as an Alumnus 50/50 or a Pasta Supper (if WES no longer does one). Dean suggested a student-teacher hockey game with a supper as a fundraising opportunity.
        3. School Clothing – we likely will not order school clothing this year. It is a tremendous amount of work and brings in no profit. If enough parents insist on school clothing, we will look at ordering some.
        • Lynne asked if we could let the Co-op know that many times the cashiers are not adding the recycled bags to the bills. She also asked when we would be getting the payout for last year's Co-op Recycle Bag program. Terry will look into this.
        • Lynne also asked for school maps to be available for P/T Interviews. Terry said they normally have them in the front office window, but will ensure they are there for interviews this year.

        10.  Next meeting date: October 7, 2019 5:00 pm

        11.  Adjourn – Shauna made the motion to adjourn at 5:36 pm