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Wynyard Composite High School
SCC Meeting Minutes


    • SCC Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2019


      In attendance: Lynne Neal, Iris Erickson, Terry Leibel (principal), Shauna Kihn (chairperson)

      Call to Order:

      • Shauna called the meeting to order at 5:26 pm

      Approval of Agenda:

      • Iris made the motion to approve the agenda as presented. Lynne seconded. Carried.

      Reading and Adoption of Minutes:

      • Terry read the minutes (Lynne, Iris, carried)

      Business arising from the minutes:

      • none

      School Report:

      • Terry provided the school report (as attached).

      SRC Report:

      • None provided.

      Horizon School Division Report:

      • None provided.

      Financial Report:

      • Terry provided this report.
      • We currently have $2,407.79 in our SCC account. We still have $481.68 in Co-op bills to pay. As well, we have not received a bill for the Colour Night engraving. The SCC made a motion to pay this last month.  

      New Business:

      1.      Wynyard Composite Staffing next school year:

      • We have received a .25 FTE reduction in teaching staff. This comes when we have an increase in student population (around 15 more students next school year).
      • We will receive an increase in EA time (1.5 FTE to 3.0 FTE). This increase is due to the students joining our school who require EA support.

      2.      SCC Welcome Back BBQ Lunch is scheduled for September 6th.


      • None.


      • Shauna made the motion to adjourn the meeting @ 5:51 pm.


      • Next meeting date is September 9, 2019