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Wynyard Composite High School

Magazines!  The library has lots of them.  Come and check them out.

'Tis the season if you are hunter or outdoors person, we carry "Outdoor Canada" and "Field & Stream".  To check out ways to get around, we have "Dirt Rider" as well as "ATV Trail Rider".  For the winter enthusiasts we have "Snowgoer" and "Snowboarding".

To keep on top of all the trades and sports information, there is "Sports Illustrated" and "Hockey News".  For the rest of the school, we carry "Fashion" and "Seventeen" with the latest information on fashion and make-up.  Of interest to all who love to eat, we have "Canadian Living" - full of lots of yummy recipes.

For the inquisitive mind, you can find "Discover" and "Popular Science" to answer all the questions you have.  But before your next purchase, check out "Consumer Reports" magazine to find out your best choice.

If there is a magazine you like and think other students may enjoy it, please let Mrs. Zemlak know and she will try to order it in for others to enjoy as well!